Friday, February 05, 2010

We Are Not Alone!

If any pro-lifer begins to feel alone in the fight against abortion, there is a great way to cure that feeling: attending the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  On Friday, January 22, 2010, it was evident to anyone on the streets of our nation’s capital that something monumental was happening.  I was privileged and blessed to be there for the second time in my life, and it was an experience that I’ll never forget.  After attending the Blogs for Life Conference in the morning, I and another Pro Life Unity volunteer, Monte, made our way to the National Mall area.  As we waited at the corner of Madison and 7th street, it wasn’t too busy yet, but the deluge was coming.  Groups of people began pouring in on foot, holding signs, both pre-printed and hand made.  The weather had been forecasted to be threatening, but for the time being there were only gray clouds.  Despite the cold, the pro-life pilgrims seemed up beat, energized, and ready to take on Washington!

After awhile, we tried making our way toward the Mall to hear the rally speakers, but by that time the sidewalks along Madison Street were completely packed and it was nearly impossible to move!  Fortunately at that moment, we were able to meet up with two of my friends, Claire and Sarah, who I have known for 14 years.  Their church group from Illinois was very lively and vocally passionate, and they were continually chanting, singing hymns, or praying aloud.  We stood along 7th Street while the rally continued, waiting in anticipation for the March to officially begin.

The March is so unique because it seems like everyone is a friend, even if you have never met most of the people there.  There was also such a unique conglomeration of believers: Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, and Orthodox Christians.  But despite some vastly different theological beliefs, we held one thing in common: human life is sacred and it is wrong to kill innocent life, whether in the womb or at the end of life.  As we saw the huge March for Life banner approach and began walking, I couldn’t help but wish I could see the crowd from an aerial view.  It would have been so moving to see the hundreds of thousands of people all at once marching on the streets of Washington (I’ve heard estimates from 250,000 to 400,000).  I wonder what President Obama would have thought if he saw the crowds.  Would it have made him think about his stance on abortion?  Would his heart have been moved, even the tiniest bit?  One can only hope and pray.

And pray we did.  My friends and I knelt in front of the Supreme Court for about 1 ½ hours, praying the Rosary, Litanies, and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Others joined with us or prayed silently.  Another lady brought along a small boom box and played hymns through it.  I wondered what the security guards, who stood on the steps of the Court, were thinking.  Did they want to give us “thumbs up” or did they think we were crazy?  Whatever they thought, I know that we have to keep praying and marching until “Equal Justice Under Law” is met.  I know that God was smiling on our efforts, both at the March and at other times.  I know that He will continue to bless our efforts and work through us as long as we stay vigilant, as long as we speak out, as long as we keep praying.  After attending the March, I am reassured once again that I am not alone in this fight.  I am reassured that my generation, the abortion survivors, will end abortion.  We realize that 1/3 of our generation has been killed by abortion and we are NOT okay with that!  When I was growing up, I joked that I was born at the wrong time because I loved Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  But now I realize why God put me in this era.  What an awesome privilege and responsibility to be asked to work in the pro-life cause!  I hope that everyone reading this can feel that same awe and thankfulness for being created and living right now, because if we don’t do anything about abortion, it will continue to ravage our nation.  Keep on the good fight, and abortion will end!

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