Friday, November 08, 2013

“We’ve scared off all the men”

While flipping through channels today I came across the Wendy Williams show. She just made a statement I think really points to the culture of today, and one of the reasons so many countries aren't having enough children to replenish their societies.

Wendy said:

"What's complicated for a child to digest are his mommy and daddy fighting like cats and dogs, and daddy sleeping on the couch and divorce.

I don't know anybody in my personal life who's gone to a sperm bank, or, you know, had a friend be the sperm donor or anything. But that's the way the world is going.

We girls are working so hard, and doing so well, we don't really have a lot of time to sit down and get pregnant and have kids , and by the time we want to do it we've scared off all the men because we're so powerful and strong."

That's right Wendy, many women believe they are powerful and strong and don't need men. It's unfortunate, because men and women together are what make civilizations grow.

The replenishment rate for a civilization to grow or at least be stable is 2.1 births per couple. America stands currently at 1.89. Americans are not having children. The myth of the growth of America comes from the fact that there are millions of illegal aliens pouring into this country from South America.

Our growth rate is booming compared to other countries. Germany’s replenishment rate is currently at around 1.40 and Canada is at approximately 1.59. Their cultures will vanish very soon as the people of those countries refuse to have babies to carry-on in their footsteps.

A common liberal position on family life is that there is no such thing as a normal family. They assert that people will get divorced anyway, so why get married? Children will get abused anyway, so why have them, abortions are better than child-abuse. Wendy Williams made a powerful point that is indicative of modern culture. Women feel empowered. They feel strong and capable, and because of that, they don’t want to be saddled down with married life or children. They want to travel, have a career, have many relationships and do whatever else they want to do, just like men have been doing for so many years. The problem is, what they don’t recognize, is that man have been screwing up their lives doing those same things for many years.

Women see the independence of men as something they want because it’s something they haven’t experienced, and really, I can’t blame them.

It seems as if men can do whatever they want. They can be irresponsible, unemployed, drunk, or, they can be wealthy, have everything and do everything. Whereas women, they’re forced to be prim and proper, not sleep around, or they might be called prostitutes and not go for careers because they would be called lesbians or anti-family.

I have to admit, it would be hard to be a woman. As a woman, you have to live up to expectations of proper behavior from a society that doesn’t want to properly behave.

Women, more than men, have to figure out how to rise above it all. It’s understandable they want to work and feel important and empowered. It’s also important they recognize their role in society, their role to perpetuate the growth of mankind. Men and women must come together to have children. For without children, civilization won’t grow.

Men must also step up to the plate. Men must become more responsible and value and cherish women more. They have to stop thinking of women as objects of desire and start thinking of them more as partners for life.

Women get pregnant and have children, so they’re not able to be a part of the business cycle like men can, men and women have to come together to figure out how this all will work.

Yes Wendy, you have “scared off all the men.” Not because you are stronger and more empowered, but because you’re telling the men you don’t need them. You’re telling men the only reason you want them is for sex without responsibility, which is exactly what many men are looking for. Is that all you really want?

Times have changed. I’m glad women are stronger and more empowered. I pray we’ all figure out how to live and grow together on this earth.

Peter Shinn
Cherish Life Ministries
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Chief Executive Officer
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Pro-Life Unity
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