WOMEN who’ve had abortions from across Canada and the USA are holding workshops at the United Nations this week during The 53RD Commission on the Status of Women.

Molly White, USA Representative with Endeavour Forum is spear-heading a team of 25 pro-life leaders to the United Nations to educate conference Delegates on the multi-faceted ill effects of legal abortion.  Molly is an international speaker on abortion.  She also shares her personal traumatic experience of abortion to audiences’ world wide.  She has been conducting CSW parallel events for the past 5 years.

Co-Leader Denise Mountenay also knows about the pain of legal abortion. She is the Canadian Representative for NGO, Endeavour Forum and is hosting parallel events on the repercussion and damage of legal abortion to women physically and psychologically. Speakers include Dr. Joel Brind and Dr. Angela Lanfranchi who will make presentations on the Breast Cancer Link to abortion.  Dr. Lanfranchi, a Breast Cancer surgeon gives the physiological evidence and explains how the estrogens/hormones are affected through induced abortion, exposing women who abort to a greater risk factor for Breast Cancer.

Many women will be sharing their abortion experiences and the impact it has had in their lives. Young women women will share how their mother’s abortion negatively impacted their life as well.  Organizers believe that as more women share their testimonies on the real pain and aftermath of abortion that more women will chose life for their babies.  “We are here to bring education and awareness to the forefront on the real pain of legal abortion and bring humanity to the unborn,” states White.  With the support of several NGO’s Mountenay is on a list to give an Oral Statement regarding Breast Cancer Risk during General Discussions and reports; “Women have a right to know that if they choose an abortion, they could be choosing Breast Cancer, depression, pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies and barrenness.”

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