Mary’s Yes to Life

As we prepare for this Christmas season, many of us are caught up in the busy-ness and craziness: shopping, gift wrapping, hiding Christmas day surprises, cooking dinner, and getting the house cleaned for holiday guests.  Some of us are braving the snow (yes, we are here in Texas, believe it or not!), feeling frustrated over delayed or cancelled flights, and just PRAYING that the last-minute FedEx shipped package arrives in time.

In the midst of everything, we should draw peace from the real reason for Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.  We should reflect not only on this event, but also on the reason why He was able to be born in the first place: Mary said yes to life.  God sent His angel to give her the message that she would be the virgin Mother of God’s Son.  “How can this be, since I have no relation with a man?” she queried.  The answer of the angel seemed so far-fetched, so out-of-this-world, but Mary calmly took the news and said yes.  And not only did she say yes, but she glorified God in this mystery!

Imagine Mary, a young teenager, not yet married, but pregnant!  How scandalous that must have seemed, especially back in those days.  But even Joseph trusted God with this new Life, and he was faithful to Mary.  As pro-lifers, we need to have the same response as Mary and Joseph did.  We need to share the message that life is a blessing, not a curse, with others around us, and especially with those in crisis pregnancies.  We need to help those frightened young mothers see the beauty in an unborn baby.

In this season of rejoicing, let us give thanks to God for sending His Son to earth as our Messiah, and for giving us the gift of life so that we can someday be jubilant in the glory of Heaven!  Gloria in excelsis Deo!

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