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 The Reproductive Healthcare Movement

44 Years of Failure to Protect Woman


By W.W. Wallace


Quote: “The only thing in American culture that is considered to be both good and have rare is a steak.”  Dr. Alan Keyes presidential candidate 1996.


For years you have heard it said, “Abortion needs to be kept safe, legal and rare,” however with the recent news of murder indictments of a Philadelphia physician and his staff (multiple charges) gives more evidence to the fact that everything about this statement is false! Legalized abortion 1961-73 as most lawmakers already know was manufactured by judicial activism. “The Reproductive Healthcare Movement” created false data and false testimonies to achieve a new unconstitutional legal precedent. One of the central legal arguments surrounding this act of social re-engineering has been medical safety for elective surgical abortion. (Both legal and illegal) Once again, history has proven this to be completely false! After 1967-73 most abortionists simply moved out from the back alley onto Main St. and little has changed to help make surgical abortion anymore safe since Roe vs. Wade. But aside from the medical risks from surgical abortion and the lack of regulation of its providers is the brazen hypocrisy from The Reproductive Healthcare Movement for woman’s safety! In 1978 the Chicago Sun-Times launched an undercover investigation known as “The Abortion Profiteers” series and by 1983 state legislators had passed laws in Illinois to regulate abortion providers and require them to comply with the same safety regulations that every other out-patient surgical center had to provide for their patients. After these safety regulations were passed into law the A.C.L.U. (and others) challenged these regulations all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case known as Turnock vs. Ragsdale (1989). Unfortunately this case was never ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court. With just days before the court was to hear this case a backroom court settlement (Consent Decree) was struck between the Illinois Attorney General and A.C.L.U. So after nearly 12 years of effort by the people of the state of Illinois and lawmakers to secure the safety of woman’s lives most of these regulations were simply thrown out, rewritten or placed under the supervision of a self-governing medical board that seldom acts on violations made by physicians. The Reproductive Healthcare Movement’s arguments was that some of the businesses that provide elective abortion services for their clients could not afford additional costs so some of these businesses would fail and there might be fewer businesses to provide these services. (For the poor) Remember Turnock vs. Ragsdale dealt strictly with businesses that provided surgical abortions it never brought a legal challenge to abortion itself.


The Ragsdale case never presented a challenge to legal abortion or to overturning Roe vs. Wade.


A central legal premise of Roe vs. Wade/Doe vs. Bolton (companion decision) is medical safety for woman. This is the very thing that many in the Reproductive Healthcare Movement have worked against for years so the dark realities of abortion could remain hidden from the general public and go unchecked. In fact the contraceptive cartels developed a do it yourself surgical abortion kit years ago distributed worldwide with the help of our tax dollars.(Doctor’s not included) These kits as well as chemical non- surgical abortion pills and vaccines that have conveniently caused sterility are pushed on women in the third world often without medical supervision. So when complications set in and some of the women become infected or begin to bleed to death, they are left alone to become the next victim in this international theater that The Reproductive Healthcare Movement has created (for the poor). Anyone remember former First Lady Laura Bush calling for quality healthcare for woman in Afghanistan? Soon after more entitlement funding was extorted by these non-profit organizations (N.G.O.’s) to advance depopulation programs. In reading from a legal challenge brought against the Illinois Attorney General’s settlement agreement in Ragsdale vs. Turnock 7th. Dist. U.S. Appellate Court Judge Posner wrote …a woman who suffers a medical injury as a result of the failure of an abortion clinic to comply with the statute should be able to use the violation to establish medical malpractice…Sec.47. Was this a probable admission by this court, that it was abandoning the law, abandoning the state constitution and abandoning their obligation to protect woman’s safety? The results of the 7th Dist. Appt. Court ruling and settlement agreement were special exemptions for The Abortion Profiteers making medical malpractice and medical fraud more difficult to prosecute. So what good are statutes if our law enforcement agents chose not to enforce the laws that are passed?  And what good do any medical safety regulations have if physicians are left to a self-governing state board of medical directors who occasionally look the other way when repeat offenders who are found to be a danger to the general public? (Kermit Gosnell M.D.) In the months ahead as policy advocates and politicians debate the gruesome details of the Philadelphia case and Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 02/23 at 04:05 AM

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