Organized for Life hosted their first pro-life teleconference to introduce new pro-life strategy as part of its “taking it to the next level” campaign.

May 7, 2009 - On April 28, Organized for Life hosted its first pro-life teleconference to introduce its innovative strategy of taking pro-life community organizing to the next level.  The group is developing a national effort to reach people in their homes to personally deliver the message of life to end abortion and human killing research.  Organized for Life will mobilize people who have never participated in pro-life action, as well as veterans’ in the movement, through new strategies including knocking on doors and hosting house and church parties.

During the call, Organized for Life Pesident, Ruben Obregon, described to listeners the need for a national effort of community organizers in the pro-life movement and Peter Shinn, National Director of Organized for Life, shared strategies for listeners to become activists in their own communities.

Peter Shinn, National Director of Organized for Life, said, “This teleconference gave average pro-life listeners, those who are interested in making a difference but unsure of how to do so, an understanding of what we are up against in the day-to-day battle for the innocent, and then provided them with some concrete methods on how they will make a difference as a part of the Organized for Life strategy.”

The call also featured prominent pro-life leaders David Bereit,  Naional Drector of 40 Days for Life, Jenny Hodges, National Director of Pro-Life Unity, and Jim Sedlak, Vice-President of American Life League and Executive Director of STOPP. All three leaders share their excitement that Organized for Life will step in and fill a clear void in the pro-life movement to directly compete with the army of the pro-abortion opposition. They also explained how Organized for Life directly strengthens their efforts as pro-life leaders and that it would do so for all facets of movement.

As part of it’s “taking it to the next level” campaign, Organized for Life will sponsor “Pro-Life House Party Week” and “Pro-Life Church Party Week” from June 14-21 throughout the country to encourage people to gather in their homes and churches to oppose tax-payer funding of abortions.

Organized for Life will host another conference call to promote these parties and other events on Tuesday, May 19th, at 9:00pm EST.  Registration for the teleconference is available at http://oflusa.com/index.php/site/C3/

David Bereit ended the teleconference by saying, “Let’s go out, let’s get organized for life, and let’s go change our world, one heart, one mind and one life at a time.” Visit http://www.oflusa.com/signup to get involved and save lives. You can make a difference, one door and one party at a time.


Contact: Peter Shinn, National Director, Organized for Life
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Tel: 703-953-2134

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