Organized for Life Field Agent in Ohio reports…..
A small gathering of college students gatherd around my car with cameras as I was leaving a store where they frequent. I jokingly approached them, asking what they were doing. "Taking pictures of your sign." they said. The sign read "If It's Not A Baby, You're Not pregnant." I asked the girls how they felt about abortion.

“Indifferent,” was their reaction.  INDIFFERENCE- THE BIG BAD WORD WHICH CAUSES SO MUCH SUFFERING!  I quickly reached into my car and brought my pro-life material to their attention, showing them the picture of “Baby Malachi,” who was found in pieces after an abortion and was put back together along with other babies who were discarded by an abortion clinic and given a decent burial.  The girls sad that it was sad.  I gave them some insightful magazines [iCare, a publication of Human Life Alliance] full of stories of abortion and pictures depicting the life stages.  I also gave them an invitation to gather for “Prayer On the Town Square” in honor of 40 Days For Life.  We spoke about the reality of abortion for a few minutes.  I drove away thanking God for the unexpected opportunity to share my beliefs.  I have confidence that these young people who are our future will keep this small event in their memory, possibly influencing their future decisions.  I am sure they will take their pictures and go back to their dorms or classrooms and discuss the issue of saving the unborn!
  - Alayna (Nurse, mom and grandmom)

Posted by Jonathan Darnel
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