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Organized for Life Field Manual

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This manual will provide you with a basic understanding of things you will want to know while going door-to-door as a part of the Organized for Life project. As a representative of Organized for Life, you will help deliver the message of life to every person in every home in America.

1. What OFL wants to accomplish and why it works
2. Basic Ground Rules
3. Getting prepared
4. Where do I go?
5. Door-knocking
6. Sample conversations
7. Recruitment and the Pro-Life Party

-- What OFL wants to accomplish and why it works --

We want to help spread the message of life to every door in America, and eventually, around the world! We believe we can accomplish two things by door knocking.

1) We help people understand life issues
2) When we find people who are sympathetic to the life issues, we take the opportunity to recruit them for pro-life efforts and encourage them to become involved in the movement.

So why door-knocking? Aren’t there plenty of other, less intimidating and more efficient ways to spread the pro-life message?

The answer is that face-to-face communication works

We do have wonderful materials that we hand out to people that have outstanding articles and photographs, but being right there in front of somebody is the most powerful way to deliver the life message.

-- Basic Ground Rules --

Okay, a person answered the door, now what!?

Don’t fly your colors immediately - You want to start a discussion, not get into an argument. If the person responds positively about the life message then you can relax & focus on getting that person to join our efforts.

Rule #1 – Don’t panic
Rule #2 – Don’t argue
Rule #3 – Be friendly
Rule #4 – Leave a positive message and information for them to follow-up or join us

For specific "how to" info refer to the information below and to the Pro-Life 101 Guide

-- Getting prepared --

• Check the weather – Bring an umbrella if it looks like it’s going to rain.
• Dress appropriately - Please, wear clean, decent clothes. You don’t have to wear a suit. A good way to think of this is to look in the mirror and imagine if you were at the door.
• Know your area that you are going to - Plan the area you are going to cover. Don’t go into any area you aren’t comfortable with, and if possible, bring someone along with you.
• Things to remember – Money, have plenty of gas, lock your doors when you leave your car,
• Leave early - You are more likely to catch people in their homes earlier in the day or after 5 pm when they are getting home.

-- Where do I go? --

If you want to help your local abortion mill efforts by recruiting more people to stand and pray in front of them, then go to the neighborhoods surrounding the abortion mills. Otherwise pick a neighborhood where you feel comfortable and start making your rounds.

-- Door-knocking --

Ring the doorbell at first. If nobody answers after a minute, knock a couple of times loudly. If a person doesn’t answer the door, leave a flyer and keep moving.

Go down one side of the street and back on the other. Don’t get too far away from your car.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't just walk around oblivious to the time of day and / or where you are.

-- Sample conversations --

What do I say? – Hi, my name is _ and I am with Organized for Life, can I have a minute of your time to discuss the message of life with you?

If they say:

Sure, maybe, I don’t know, hmm, uhh, okay, .....well, anything that isn’t no, say the following.

Did you know cloning is legal in America and is taxpayer funded in some states?

Yes – I'm impressed! Most people don’t know that this is a fact and that billions are spent to clone and kill humans in Missouri

No - It is, Missouri and other states even require taxpayer funding of this procedure. It is true that your clone isn't allowed to be born.

Do you have children?

Yes – Are you aware that most public schools teach sex education, which includes distribution of condoms and education on birth control and abortion?

In the state of __ parental notification of abortion isn’t even required, so young children can go have a dangerous medical procedure, which might kill her, performed by a doctor, yet she isn’t allowed to carry an aspirin to school without getting suspended or expelled.

No - Do you believe schools should pass out condoms and then encourage abortions when they fail?

Did you know that condoms have a 100% failure rate? They do, it's just a matter of when they fail, but they are guaranteed to fail.

From a Planned Parenthood site - "Of 100 women whose partners use condoms inconsistently or imperfectly, 15 will become pregnant in the first year of use. Consumer reports also found that "in “typical” use, the male condom fails 15 times per 100 users per year. Statistically, this becomes a 100% failure rate in less than five years." They hand these to our children for "safe sex", many of which can't even tie their own shoes!

How many blacks, latinos & whites have abortions
How many die or are injured from abortion? Exact numbers aren’t known, but we know of many cases

Pro-Life 101

Safe, Legal and Rare - If abortions are good, why should they be rare? Also, Though a woman may be injured by an illegal abortion, every abortion is unsafe for the unborn.


Abortion is better than growing up abused and in foster homes – Better for whom? Shouldn’t we let people decided their misery for themselves? Oprah grew up in poverty and was molested as a child, do you think she wishes she were dead?


Too many people – Why should babies pay the price for population control? Would you be willing to give up your seat on the "population" boat if they asked you to do so? Why should we demand this of people who cannot speak for themselves.

The baby is a parasite – The person in the womb is a unique human being with individual DNA which will allow you to pick that person out from a mix of a million people 100 years from now.

Not a human being – Again, at the moment of conception, the person in the womb is a unique human being with individual DNA which will allow you to pick that person out from a mix of a million people 100 years from now.

Health and life of the mother – Nobody wants to be cruel or uncaring. We must look at the facts. Over 480 physicians and doctors signed a statement which said that killing a child in the womb is never necessary to save a woman’s life.

-- Finishing the day --

• Make sure you keep detailed records of where you have been and pass them on to your OFL district leader once a week.
• Do a quick write-up of your experiences and tell us about them, good and bad.

-- Recruitment and the Pro-Life Party --

Throw a pro-life party every month! Invite everyone you know. Show a movie, have pizza & sodas, have a great time & recruit people to join us!!!

-- It's a wrap! --

Remember, you are going out as a representative of Organized for Life, so everything you say and do reflects on all of us nationwide. So do you best, be your best, and help people understand life issues and how they need to be involved, one door at a time.

Thank you,

The Organized for Life Team

Peter Shinn – President - Pro-Life Unity
Lynda Teutsch – National Director - Organized for Life
Jonathan Darnel – National Director - Pro-Life Unity
Posted by Jonathan Darnel
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