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There was nobody home at the first door, so we left some information at the door and continued on to the 2nd house.  A hispanic woman answered and wasn’t really interested in talking, but we encouraged her to take some information, which she did.  I knew who the people were at the fourth house.  I was fairly certain they were “pro-choice”, or as we say in the movement, pro-death or pro-abortion.  I gathered up my courage and knocked on the door.  “John” answered the door and we said our greetings.  Then I told him that we were making the rounds as members of Organized for Life and were bringing the message of life to the homes.  John was very kind and listened to what I had to say.  I asked him if he knew that cloning was legal in America, to which he responded “No”.  I then explained that in Missouri they passed a clone and kill bill 2 years ago which allows them to manufacture people en masse only to slaughter them before they can be born, only to use them for research.

John listened to what I had to say, yes, he was being kind, but I know he really learned something in those few minutes.  In the end, we left him some information and moved on to the next house.  It went easier than I thought.

In my general neighborhood, I spoke to people I knew, and they didn’t even know about abortion, cloning and embyonic stem cell research.  Not one person knew that cloning was legal in America, and in general, I believe citizens of America have little or no understanding of embryonic stem cell research, chimaeras, the mass killing of babies through in vitro fertilization nor many other topics.

It’s up to us to get out the message of LIFE, one person and one door at a time.  If you are interested in joining Organized for Life click here to contact us!.  We will help you start a door-knocking campaign in your area.

Peter Shinn

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