Welcome to Organized for Life, the home of pro-life commmunity organizing!

1. Bring the Gospel of Life and crisis pregnancy outreach door to door, family to family, and person to person
2. Distribute pro-life literature and DVDs to every house in a neighborhood
3. Identify and establish relationships with those sympathetic to the unborn
4. Introduce pro-lifers to community efforts to end abortion
5. Organize a strong local pro-life voting block among members of all political parties
6. Dispel the myths put forth by the media and Planned Parenthood
7. Challenge people to think about what they mean by abortion and choice
8. Organize local opposition to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics
9. Letting the politicians know that there is a critical mass out here of people who care about unborn babies

Across the nation, there are many pro-life leaders who fill the role of community organizer, but there are far too few of them. Just imagine if in communities across the nation we had organizers with the caliber of Joe Scheidler, Chris Slattery, Jill Stanek, and Fr. Frank Pavone - the industry would surely be on its deathbed.

But the reality is that we don’t have an army of door-knockers who can help organize local efforts day in and day out. Why? Because many of those who yearn to be full-time organizers have familial and financial obligations. If we want them to work full time in spreading the Gospel of Life and organizing local opposition to child killing, we have to make sure they can can pay the rent and feed their families.

Pro-life doorknocking is the natural evolution of the effort to stop legalized abortion, and it is probably one of the most effective - and relatively untapped - ways of spreading the Gospel of Life around the local community.

If the movement wants to ratchet up the effort to defend life and hasten the end to legalized abortion, then daily pro-life door knocking is a must.

For more information on becoming an Organzied for Life community organizer, please click here to contact us!

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Organized for Life is a national campaign designed to:

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