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Thank you for Praying.  We know we made a difference!  From: Gail Richardson

From Joe Scheidler and the Great Prayer Project - End Abortion

Subject: June 2010 - Pro-Life Prayer Movement

Dear Friend,

Thank you once again for your hard work in the fight to end abortion.
This is a fight that we can win if we all stay focus and keep doing
God’s work. This is a task that we can not give up on.

The Great Prayer Project has seen another good month since the last
newsletter. We are at nearly 40,000 combined minutes of prayer for an
end to abortion. That is great! We have also had over 275 people sign
up to join in the continuous prayer for an end to abortion. This is
also something we are very proud of.

But there are still 10 more months left of The Great Prayer Project and
we need as many prayers as we can get to fill up the remaining time
slots. If you haven’t done so lately, please consider signing up for
another 20 minute time slot and help us end abortion through prayer.

I would like to take this time to thank Catholic Real Life
( for helping to promote The Great
Prayer Project.

If you are looking for a good resource to find information about
praying the Rosary, please check out Rosary Army
( There is a lot of information there as
well as 20 minute audio versions of each mystery of the Rosary. This
works great for praying a 20 minute time slot with The Great Prayer

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication in the fight to end



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