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2 Cor. 3:17 (Pt. 2)

A Freedom From the Heart.  Topics:  2 at end.

“For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

True freedom for the Christian (and available for all individuals in the entire world) is in Christ, in His Spirit.  No longer shackled by following the rules of the law as in the Old Testament (old agreement), we are free to live in the Spirit following Christ’s rule of love, His law of love, as we seek to let the Spirit guide us where the law could not.  Hallelujah, what freedom!

But it can be difficult.  Perhaps it would almost seem easier to always have the guidelines; the white stripes along the outside of the pathway of our lives, letting us know where the edge is; the solid yellow stripe down the center of our lives’ roads, across which we dare not creep. 

But though possibly more difficult, we follow a different set of guidelines, those written upon our hearts, unseen.  Herein lies a different type of freedom, a freedom unfettered by those pathway markers.  There is freedom to move around within outer boundaries that only God knows in our lives.  We can’t just ourselves look left or right and think, “That is too far,” or “I should not go there,” which is easy.  But it’s Christ Who figures out the difficult unseen rights-and-lefts.  Staying close to Him always keeps us in the center of our lane; he doesn’t allow us to edge over that outer boundary or into the oncoming traffic.

The freedom in the womb should be the same.  LIFE and liberty.  Babies are entirely free to do as they wish, but they are contained within the boundaries of the womb, in just the right environment.  They stretch, kick, listen, suck, and roll.  Until an unauthorized invasion occurs for entirely too many – even one being too many. 

Violence in the womb.  The ultimate in boundary-crashing.

Pray today that babies may truly be free for as long as God chooses to hold them in their mothers’ wombs.

Topics:  Pray for conviction from God to be entirely STRONG as women approach places of abortion, that His boundaries for life may be kept.

Pray for the Prayer Pivot for Life, that it may reach millions within the next month, in this month of celebrating freedom.  No one EVER EVER can keep us from praying.   

Posted by Gail Richardson on 11/16 at 09:47 AM
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