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2 Corinthians 1:12   Thought/Prayer:  Live in Simplicity?  Topics:  2 at end.

“For our glorying is this: the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and sincerity of God, not in fleshly wisdom, but in the grace of God, we did conduct ourselves in the world, and more abundantly toward you; . . .”  (YLT)  Read this scripture and more at

Here the Apostle Paul is letting the Christians at Corinth know how he thinks of a past visit to the Corinthian church, a visit in which there were problems that Paul needed to address.  He is saying that it was by God’s grace that he and his companions conducted themselves in simplicity and sincerity. 

How about us today?  Do you or I have clear consciences, so that we act in “simplicity and sincerity of God”?  Perhaps the “simplicity” part is more difficult than the sincerity.  Or is it the other way around?

Take simplicity.  How in the world do we bear our consciences in simplicity in the world today, world of instant-everything and far-reaching differences in viewpoint and standards?  Isn’t our lifestyle of living today beyond simplicity?  Why do we sometimes yearn for “the good ol’ days”?

Well, those ol’ days weren’t always so good.  Live could be physically rugged, and death in some centuries seemed to reside just around everyone’s corners.  So, might we say that “modern” advances just make it more difficult to live simply?  To sort out even one area of life, that of medicine for example, seems impossibly complex to the common lifestyle; and yet we depend upon it in many ways.  And must we take on the lifestyle of living independently of cities and all of the conflicts they bring, all of us living on self-surviving farmsteads?  Some folks do this.  It’s great . . . but not for all of us.

Really, we speak here of the world spinning around us, (all while we are spinning on planet Earth).  The key must be in our heart attitude.  Keep the focus on faith simple.  Even though worlds whirl around us, nothing can disrupt the simple inner belief of faith in God and His providence.  It may seem very difficult; but this is the heart of the issue.  If we are to live in simplicity, it must be the outlook of faith that brings it.  The stake of faith allows all to whirl around us; but we are calmed in our center. 

Lord, please help us to be sure our stake of faith is very well- planted, and help us to guide others to this control center of simplicity in our lives.  When LIFE issues are at risk, such a center can make all the difference.

Topics:  Pray for God to help the simple faith of Him to help us live lives based on the simplicity of that faith.
Pregnancy Crisis Center, Wichita, KS – now named Embrace.

Posted by Gail Richardson on 11/16 at 03:09 PM
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