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Acts 17:10,11 (Pt. 5)  Thought/Prayer:  Digging in Daily,  Topics:  2 at end.

“The brethren at once sent Paul and Silas away by night to Beroea, and they, on their arrival, went to the synagogue of the Jews. The Jews at Beroea were of a nobler disposition than those in Thessalonica, for they very readily received the Message, and day after day searched the Scriptures to see whether it was as Paul stated.”  WEY (Read these scriptures and more at

The Christians in Berea searched the scriptures day by day.  Day after day.  They were eager to examine them so as to understand them.  Not haphazardly, form time to time, or “whenever” they were moved to glance at a scripture or two . . . No, it was daily.  Daily in concurrence with their everyday lives.  They, of course, had to go about their daily routines of normal living.  But they were, in addition, taking time – making time – to read scripture and to contemplate and investigate meanings.  We, today, may think it difficult to make time for our Bible reading and study . . . we who have at our disposal many time-saving and energy-saving machines to lessen our effort in living.  But in the days of the Bereans, there were no automatic washers, dryers, or electric ovens or ranges.  Everything was done by their own hands, with the help of tools, animal power, etc.

But still they were faithful.  Let us also be.  Let us not lose track of the time we spend in the scriptures – totally leaving it out.  Let’s make it a priority each day; let’s keep up-to-date not only with the daily news but with daily scripture.  And not just a cursory once-over of a few verses.  Let’s take time, at least some of the time, to dig, ponder, consider . . .

Lord, we praise You for the conveniences we have these days, time-saving elements in our lives.  Help us to utilize the time we save in productive ways for You, Lord.  We ask that You will keep us convicted to be as faithful as those Bereans, still remembered for their great interest in the Word.

Topics:  Pray for faithfulness in the scriptures in order to be prepared to serve others in LIFE battles.
Pastors in all types of ministry positions to be strong in the Word and in the Lord, for LIFE

Posted by Gail Richardson on 06/26 at 08:48 PM
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