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And the wind blew…

Sue sent me this report of events yesterday at an abortion mill in Maryland. Have you participated in the 40 Days for Life yet? If not, go to and help out in these last days of the fall project.


After a beautiful celebration of holy Mass at St. Ignatius in Hickory, Maryland this past Saturday morning and a glorious recitation of the holy rosary with many who love Jesus and His mother for the sanctity of life…..three of us humbly left St. Ignatius to ride to the closest abortion clinic near our town to participate in the National Forty Days of Life. Whole Woman’s Health (it is hard for me to even utter such a name) is secretly tucked away in the back of the shopping center that usually bustles with life on US Route 1, (Belair Road) just passed the Baltimore beltway. Many do not even know it operates daily, ceasing the lives of innocent children, whom are precious to our Creator and exist happily in their mother’s wombs until the violent act occurs. We were happy that the weatherman’s prediction of hard rain had not hit our area and talked about the protection of the Lord and our Lady for all, who we would join at the site this day to pray for the end of abortion.

As we traveled down Route 1 though Kingsville and Perry Hall, it seemed almost ironic that the clouds started to darken and light began to fade. So much so, that I wondered in my heart if a “cloud of darkness” permanently existed over the clinic that had established itself years ago. “What does it take?” I asked my two friends, “to close down such an abomination that spews evil out of its doors with the premature deaths of babies into the streets of the community?” “When will this stop?” asked my friend, Jeanne, who sadly shook her head with the realization that this place has been in operation over 25 years.
With gentle spatters of raindrops, I turned on my wipers, as the sighs of my friends held together with hope, sacrificed their Saturday afternoon to pray for the end of the atrocity of abortion. Not too far from the shopping center, I noticed the rain began to intensify and the clouds were low, thick and black. I again, prayed to myself, “Jesus, protect us, for we want to do Your will.” As we approached the entrance to the parking lot, we saw about seven others with signs and some with umbrellas. Barb, Jeanne and I never said it, but I know we were grateful to God that we would not stand alone. How wondrous is the Body of Christ!

As we got out of the van, after blessing ourselves with holy water and holy oil and got out our rosaries. It seemed as if the wind gusted towards us aggressively in that instant. Turning our backs to the wind, our trio walked over to meet the others who were praying together. We smiled and nodded to the other “protectors of life” and uttered quietly that we were from St. Ignatius and joined in the beautiful prayer of the rosary. At the moment we prayed, it seemed like the sky had exploded with a storm fierce, and powerful. Torrents of rain pelted our faces, saturated our clothing, but we did not flinch but held steady in unified prayer for the unborn. WE, all ten of us, represented Holy Mother Church. We all, as instructed in our hearts by our God, prayed unceasingly as the wind began to blow and the gusts pushed us back and forth on the public sidewalk by the shopping center. A few times, as we started to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet…it seemed as if we were being toyed with as the weather tried to interfere with our hour of prayer. Some signs blew out of hands and umbrellas blew so hard that they broke. Some of the group scurried quickly to their cars to secure rain jackets, plastic bags while others firmly stood in the gap continuing the vocal prayers. The prayer did not cease. But the wind blew – over and over with countless gusts that whipped our faces and with debris that stung our skin. It was something out of the ordinary. Extraordinary, indeed!

As the last fifteen minutes ended, we prayed for a covering of the Holy Spirit and for the mantle of Blessed Mother to descend. Honestly, for about the next five minutes, it was more bearable. We actually looked out at the cars and didn’t have to shield our faces with our signs or hands. Just then, I noticed a vehicle that read on the side door. WWH Escort Service! WWH – could this mean Whole Woman Health??? Did this vehicle pick up woman for their “appointment to end a life” and then take them home again? How horrid. I prayed instantly in my heart for the driver to know the evil of this and to come to Jesus. How sad…completely sad.

Just the night before, I had visited Whole Woman’s Health website. They have the most attractive woman pictured with such luring lies such as “We care about the whole woman.” In addition to my dismay, they even offer counseling and something like a “spa abortion.” This is where a woman may have lunch and spa type products after their “procedure.” It is very expensive, but most of all what a deception! So to see this vehicle only made me pray harder. Again the wind blew and the rain pelted our faces.

As our hour was coming to a close, we all prayed over the cars going by. Many of the passengers or drivers looked at us, but then looked away. Only a handful gave us the thumbs up sign. More just looked and turned away after reading our signs. We prayed for them to care. I discussed with my two friends how downright disappointing it was, that no one really seems to care in this day and age about the abortion of a child .Our society is completely desensitized to the most horrible single action –that harms the most vulnerable, that they would call police if someone kicked and tried to harm a pregnant dog or cat, but cannot for the killing of an unborn child. WE prayed some more and speaking of the police, well they did show up. The young officer asked us what we were doing and who we were. After taking some names (which is usually protocol) we shared that we were part of the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s effort and a national effort called “Forty Days for Life” designed to end abortion. I explained that others would be coming on and off all day to pray the abortion clinic that he didn’t even know was in the back of the parking lot.

We all finished our last minutes with wet hair, soaked socks and feeling drenched but not drained. Perhaps, this day, back in the parking lot, God touched a heart from the power of our prayers and had a young mother turn away from the clinic. Perhaps, the abortionist felt our presence and thought for a moment what our signs said. Or, maybe a nervous parent took their pregnant daughter back to the car and just drove them home. In any event, we pray and continue to pray that we all will see the day when this moral crime will stop. WE pray for a country where all will be protected – born and unborn! No matter what weather……we stand with God, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit in faith, hope and love. AND, ….the wind of our spirits continues on.
Pray today for a stop to abortion. Just do it!

Susan Melefsky – St.Ignatius, Hickory, Maryland- Respect Life Team

Posted by Turnstile on 10/29 at 11:43 AM
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