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Colossians 4:6 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  God’s Oxymorons?  Topics:  2 at end.

“Let your language be always seasoned with the salt of grace, so that you may know how to give every man a fitting answer.”  WEY (Read this scripture and more at

The use of oxymorons can be interesting and fun.  We put two words together that are rather opposite in meaning, and there comes out of the pairing a new word that has its own sometimes very interesting meaning.  If we hear on the news about a civil war, for example, here we have it:  Wars are not civil!  We take it to mean a war within a country where people are part of a civilization, where we should be nice to each other (be civil) but where they, instead, inflict war upon each other because of a thousand heartfelt opposites.

So, are there any ways in which we may use the literary oxymoron to tell people about Christ?  Well, what about “assured future”?  We most generally believe that our futures are hot “assured.”  Natural disasters, disease, fluke tragedies, happen . . . and on and on.  The future is just one miniscule moment out of our reach, always.

But.  When it comes to scripture and to sharing God’s Good News with others, we can say we have assured futures!  This is speaking of the future a bit differently, but it is very real and is given by God as a fact.  If we have Jesus Christ as our Savior, we know our future; we know our destination:  the eternal one.  How beautiful is that to know!

So, we can say this “oxymoron” of God is very usable when sharing about our love for the Lord.  Let’s do it!  (Not that we are going to sit down with someone and tell them about this big strange word, oxymoron . . . no, we just tell them about the assurance of our futures.)  But maybe we can secretly give a little chuckle that even God can use seemingly contradictory words to win others.

Lord, thank you for the sometimes fun part of language.  You make it so interesting.  Help us, no matter the language in which we speak, to make use of all type of words and imagery with words, to win others.  We pray that as we serve those deciding about LIFE issues, that we will use just the exact words we . . . no, YOU . . . need us to say to win their hearts and to be able to help them.

Topics:  Pray for the exact combination of word, phrases, and meanings, to help someone come to Christ and then to learn the value of LIFE from Him.
Dr. Peggy Elliott ministries


Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/22 at 11:59 AM
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