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Colossians 4:6 (Pt. 5)  Thought/Prayer:  Heavenly Salt.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Let your language be always seasoned with the salt of grace, so that you may know how to give every man a fitting answer.”  WEY (Read this scripture and more at

Let’s take a closer look at the substance called salt. Yes, we know it tastes . . . yes, . . . salty.  We know food can taste “tasteless” without salt sometimes.  We know that too much salt waaaa . . .y overdoes it.

Well, if we’re to have salty language, let’s consider that it’s “heavenly salt,” necessary because of the difficulty of speaking graciously here on Earth, even always graciously.  It would seem that, humanly speaking, it is almost impossible to always use words that contain grace in them.  So, if we consider the salt of grace as mentioned here, it must be heavenly, beyond this Earth. 

Just how hard is it to speak this type of language?  Very, for most of us, although we may have known people from whom it would seem impossible to hear words less than gracious.  Those folks seem to be endowed with a special blessing from God:  their deep spiritual lives are woven throughout their daily lives, including their vocal utterances.  And we should all strive to allow the Lord to create this graciousness in us.

So what to do?  Seek this gracious way of speaking.  We are told in scripture that if we seek, we will find (Mt. 7:7).  Also, ask for it, and we will receive it (Mt. 7:7).  “Lord, we ask even though our all-too-well-known human limitations will make us doubt that we can receive this.”  Yes, we do ask.

And, Lord, we pray that You will give us the methods through which we can come to the point of always speaking with the salt of grace.  Help us to become aware of the temptations to speak otherwise; help us to always be asking you, seeking your words and not our own.  Help us, when we are helping others in LIFE-threatening situations to be able to always speak with grace and be the salt they need.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom for and willingness to apply instructions from the Lord to our speech, with salt, always.
The Family Research Council

Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/28 at 02:44 AM
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