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Colossians 4:6   Thought/Prayer:  Oxymorons.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Let your language be always seasoned with the salt of grace, so that you may know how to give every man a fitting answer.”  WEY (Read this scripture and more at

We use utterances called oxymorons, without really thinking about it; those words or phrases that combine two entities seemingly impossible to fit together.  On the weather today, the meteorologist said something about weather in the foreseeable future.  Hmm.  Maybe he really meant foreseeable guess, or foreseeable possibility . . . But the future?  We can’t see the future!  We’re rather inhibited by time and vision from seeing the “future.”

Of course, we all know that he meant the possibility of something occurring, such as snow or rain or drought.  But isn’t it something, how we do use terms such as this – and we all know what is meant, although to literally apply the pairing of meaning is virtually undoable. 

There are instances when we combine opposites quite well, in actuality, such as eating a sweet-and-sour sauce or eating a salty sweet tidbit.  Our taste buds like this!

But in the Bible, we are to speak directly to our listener and give him or her just what he needs to hear.  This could, involve the use of an oxymoron.  But in addition, we are to prepare well our content spoken to the person.  Every person needs a “fitting answer,” oxymoron or not.  Whatever we speak to a person, our words need to go into their ears and minds with the right ideas they will understand.

Lord, help us to be prepared to give folks an answer that is “right on,” perfect for them, and understandable.  We ask you to help us do this in daily life, including in ministries, pro-life, prayer, evangelism, or whatever.  We want to rely on You to give us the proper words – and make them have meaning to our hearers.

Topics:  Pray for discernment on how to speak to every person with whom we are in contact.
Day of Silent Solidarity

Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/21 at 12:00 PM
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