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Daniel 4:3   Thought/Prayer:  They Flew Away.  Topics:  2 at end.

“How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders! his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation.  AKJV (Read these scriptures and more at

Our family attended the funeral service for a lady, long-time friend, who made 94.  Later I was struck by a thought that had to do with one of the songs we sang, “I’ll Fly Away” (Albert E. Brumley & Sons copyright owners).  This lady’s spirit had indeed flown away to Jesus: by and by and Hallelujah.  This was sung as the family was leaving the church sanctuary, at the end of the service. 

It was a joyous end to the celebration of a joyous Christ-imbedded life.

But it took me back to another funeral, years before, in the same sanctuary; but this was not for someone 94 . . . The deceased was in his 20’s and died unexpectedly.  But what song was sun at his funeral?  “I’ll Fly Away” because he too knew Jesus Christ as his savior and served Him.

What was striking was the difference in ages on Earth . . . but the same song.  My thought was, Amazing.  God is so eternal that with the same song we celebrate the lives of folks at least 60 years apart, 60 years later really. 

The song sung so many years ago was memorable because of the singers and where they stood.  It was sung from the sanctuary balcony by the youth choir in which were two siblings of the deceased.  The voices were as from angels.

So God’s eternity can often be pictured on Earth.  People’s lives . . . and songs . . . display characteristics of our God.  Lord, we ask that You will help us let others in on this ongoing plan of Yours, especially plans You have laid down for unborn babies and for the handicapped and the old or infirm.

Topics:  Praise God for His ongoing song of LIFE that displays His ongoing character and plans, and pray for the plans for those in jeopardy of having an untimely and unnecessary end to their lives.
Unity of purpose and support between pro-LIFE groups

Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/22 at 05:28 PM
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