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Ecclesiastes 1:5 (Pt. 3) Thought/Prayer:Axis/Ax—e/Ax—m. Topics:2 @ end.

“The sun also rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to his place where he arose.” AKJV (Read this scripture and more at

Axles?  I’m writing about axles on a pro-life prayer site?  Yeah, it’s true; I am.  And why?  Well, it began with thinking about our Earth and how it turns on its axis, that imaginary line through the center around which the entire planet turns.  And thinking about that got me to the word axle and then to axiom.  Maybe I like words with “x”’s.  (Well, it is sometimes fun to use some of the more unused letters of our alphabet.)

Anyway, in considering these three “ax-“ words (and ignoring axe as not fitting in well here), it would seem that they do have something in common:  in fact, regarding the center, in common.

We know that the Earth and other planets turn on their axes.  And, well . . . wheels turn!  (Of course.)  Wheels on an old-fashioned farm wagon turned on those wooden poles that go under the wagon with a wheel on each end . . . all attached to the wagon that sits atop them.  And, yes . . . those poles were and still are called “axles.”  The turning of the wheel attached to the axle, attached to the wagon, makes the wagon go.  The same for the famous “little red wagon” of childhood.  The same for CARS!  Lots of things turn on axles!

Axiom?  A little harder to illustrate, but it can be done.  An axiom being the accepted truth about something, can we not extrapolate that there could be much that circles around that truth?  We may speak of the axioms that center in something scientific, for example.  All kinds of theories probably have some basic axioms upon which the theory rests.  If we speak of a basic axiom of motherhood, perhaps it would be that love is part of normal mothering.

An axiom of the Christian faith is:  God is love.  The entire doctrinal essence of Christianity is based on this.  Of course, God showed His love by sending the One Who overcame death because of love, Jesus the Christ.  Can we not see that the center of Christianity circles around this major axiom? 

So, axles turn wheels.  Christianity turns on the axiom of God’s love.  Pro-LIFE folks center around a loving God and His love for every person He creates.  As the world turns, so do lots of other important things.  Lord, we pray that we can be faithful to this faith that centers in You and turns as You would have it, through us.

Topics:  Pray for understanding of the centrality of God’s love in our faith and the importance it has for all people and for the unborn, the elderly, the disenfranchised and more.
Military leaders of the world to be swayed toward LIFE

Posted by Gail Richardson on 03/26 at 09:37 PM
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