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Ephesians 4:7 (No. 2) - Unplanned Grace to Give

Thought/Prayer:  Topics:  2 at end.

“But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.”

You’re a car-hop at a 50’s style eating establishment.  Unbelievably, a lady customer hands you a $20.00 bill and says, just give me a quarter back in change (the tab was $8.76).  “Eureka!  What a tip!  With that $10.24 tip, this lady just made my day”!

I was the lady, and the way it was – I handed him the $20 all the while calculating what I needed in return for a $10-dollar bill.  A minute later,  my granddaughter says, “I thought you gave him a $20.”  I say, “Yeah, I did – but he gave me back a $10 plus the quarter.”  But wait – did he?  Well, upon checking, I had no $10-dollar bill.  Now I know I did not have one at all because, after ordering, I discovered that I had given the last money I had to someone that morning.  Neither did I have enough quarters in my purse or in the car to come up with $8.76.  So I put the order on hold, and we zipped over to the credit union down the way and obtained cash (in $20’s only).  That is one reason I wanted to give a pretty good tip – I was an “irregular” customer!

So, I just gave away $10.00.  Short mental debate:  Do I ask for the $10 back?  I did not.  That carhop may have needed that jolting boost for his day.  And my granddaughter didn’t have to hear me whine into the speaker that I had overspent, Grinch-like.

Can we give more than we planned, in the Lord’s service?  In a different way perhaps.  Maybe we make a last-minute choice to spend extra time with someone in crisis (life-wise, a family with an unexpected pregnancy).  It could come in the form of knowingly contributing a larger amount to a pregnancy crisis center, being suddenly convicted that way.

Or a totally accidental car-hop type giving might be a result of a small action we take that influences someone in a much larger way – such as lending a listening ear or a little hug of encouragement that we think relatively unimportant, but later we find out it was just what someone needed and bettered their life in some way.  Lord, let us be in tune with you enough to know grace to give more than we planned, according to how you would direct it.  Perhaps several can be blessed with one “give” . . . the recipient, ourselves, and You!

Topics:  Mothers who are abused into bearing children
His Kids Adoption International    

Posted by Peter Shinn on 01/04 at 11:23 PM
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