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Genesis 8:22   Thought/Prayer:  Count Down, Up?  Topics:  2 at end.

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”  AKJ (Read this scripture and more at

Things occur by season, and time.  Sometimes we are counting the days until our favorite season reappears.  Or, in another direction, we watch the countdown on television when some big event is about to occur, such as a space launch. The launch pad has riveted upon it the eyes of our nation.  Sighs of relief are given out especially by the rocket scientists responsible for this very large occasion.  The countdown is on:  Counting backwards.  And soon the magnificent departing has happened without incident.  The countdown brought us to this synchronized point.  5,4 ,3,2,1.

But look at this differently.  Is it really a counting down . . . or a counting up to something?  Could it not be true that a countdown is really a counting up, from this way of viewing it.  We count down the days until our birthday.  We count down the days until we go on vacation.  Both of these countdowns lead to something to celebrate.  There are also countdowns that are not so fun:  surgery looms ahead; a huge decision must be addressed; a project must be completed at work, under duress. 

These countdowns have end-points, dates on our calendars.  But it would be impossible for us to count down the days that lead up to our entrance into Heaven, as believers in Christ the Savior.  It’s impossible to count down to the hoped-for return of a wayward son or daughter.  We just keep on living without counting down these events.

But however or whatever the countdown, they do lead up to something. 

It’s even impossible to count down to the birth of a baby by natural means (other than a doctor’s planned, dated delivery).  But every healthy baby in vitro will have a natal day, usually unknown by parents.  We just rejoice when that child has come into our world.

We need to help mothers with difficult or unplanned pregnancies be able to count down to their “blessed events” by preventing the abortion of the child and helping the mother in any ways we can.  If parents are in angst over a coming newcomer to the family, let us help them so that the day that finally comes will be one of rejoicing. 

(By the way, God’s counting down the days, accurate to the milli-second.)

Lord, help us be open to opportunities to help women and their families when faced with countdowns or count-ups to a child not planned.  Give us wisdom on how to help, with Your guidance.  And help the baby that comes forth from Mother’s womb be greeted with the excitement that we see when the rocket lifts off the launch pad among cheering enthusiasts.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom on helping families with an expected new little person, but not by plan.
Local boards of education to plan pro-LIFE


Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/24 at 11:00 AM
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