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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hebrews 12:1(Pt. 3)  Thought/Prayer:  Plodding Marathoners.  Topics:  2 at end.

Hebrews 12:1(Pt. 3)  “Let us also therefore, having so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, laying aside every weight, and sin which so easily entangles us, run with endurance the race that lies before us, looking stedfastly on Jesus the leader and completer of faith: who, in view of the joy lying before him, endured the cross, having despised the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  DBY (Read this scripture and more at

How do we run with endurance?  How often is the winner of a race the one who endures in the greatest way?  Often.  So what brings on endurance?

Healthful living:  Good nutrition.  Healthful body style:  Exercise.  Wise input:  Know the nature of the race and the tricks of the trade (well, of the track).  There are surely ways to run better, run faster, run wiser.  A wise coach who teaches an athlete all of this is a gem.

Knowing the nature of the race can be paramount.  Knowing how to run the type of race it is:  essential.  Take, for example, a marathon.  Marathon runners do not bolt at the gun and run madly out in front leaving all the others in a pack following.  No, a marathon runner takes time – needs time – uses time to advantage.  This nature of a marathon must be understood and appropriate time management and running skills applied artfully.  Over a long distance, sprinting can use up one’s reserves and break a runner down to gasps, with the finish line miles away.

In the Christian walk, there are people who serve the Lord as in a marathon.  These folks may not be flashy in their service, may even seem to sort of labor along; but the end result of their service can be lives changed, souls saved, glory given to God.  We must be very grateful for those marathon-types in the service of the King of Kings.  Even though you or I may not be of that nature in service, God uses plodders as well as fast-off-of-the-block dashy participants. 

Lord, thank you for those of us who serve you steadfastly and steadily, your marathon runners.  We need them!  We thank you for them in pro-life service.  We need you to help us understand them, Lord, if they do not serve in the same manner some of us do.  Help us to work with them as though plodding is a certain gift, with results to show eventually, or even all along the way.

Topics:  Pray for understanding of those who seem to be marathon runners in our Christian lives, and help us to appreciate all they contribute to God’s world in service.
Our nation’s public schools, that curriculum will shift back toward the honoring of created life. 



Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/29 at 02:07 AM
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