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Hebrews 12:1(Pt. 4)  Thought/Prayer:  So How Do We Race?  Topics:  2 at end.

“Let us also therefore, having so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, laying aside every weight, and sin which so easily entangles us, run with endurance the race that lies before us, looking stedfastly on Jesus the leader and completer of faith: who, in view of the joy lying before him, endured the cross, having despised the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” DBY (Read this scripture and more at

If we are running the Christian life-race, how do we know how to choose the style of race in which we should participate?  Should we run marathons, those long-distance endurance races?  Or should you or I run track, perhaps sprinting quick and (hopefully) easy?  Or what about cross-country with no oval track, just a trek across - “country”- out in the open with bleacher seating possibly just at the finish line.

So many choices.  So many styles of racing with one’s own sneakers hitting the chosen footway.  How do we know which racing style is best for any of us?

So, yes.  How do we race?  Just as an athlete has a propensity for one type of athletic endeavor over another, so it is with God and our decisions as His children.  An athlete may be great at only one of the types of races.  The same goes for Christians.  It could be that God has called us to sprint; or cross over a lot of country; or just keep on keepin’ on, marathon-like.  A key to the race in and of life is to appreciate one’s own style while also appreciating someone else’s, and without envy.

Sometimes in life certain types of performances, whether it be athletic, musical, or other, seem to bring accolades more easily from others who witness them.  A “track” star may be thought of as greatly accomplished when sprinting is greatly valued as a speed sport.  Someone running cross country may not even be seen by a spectator for a great percentage of his race.  Maybe it’s just easier to cheer for speed instead of endurance.

But you know what?  In the walk of life, perhaps most of us would appreciate someone who carries on . . . and carries on . . . because we know they can be counted on and that they are committed to their (and possibly our) lives in total.  This is not to diminish the accomplishment of sprinters.  There are definitely times in the Christian life that we need someone to come in, take charge, and change up things in a hurry.

Lord, thank you for giving each of us your Self-given talents in the race of life.  Thank you for all you have called into the pro-life race; thank you for all the fast-paced pace-setters right off of the block.  And thank you that some of us can accomplish Your goals for our lives as slower, steadier servants.  We want to serve you whatever Your chosen racing style for us.

Topics:  Pray for appreciation of all Christians’ talents from God in the race of life, no matter if they are different from yours or mine.
Our nation’s schools – teachers to be pro-life, directly or indirectly, in their presentations of materials in the classroom

Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/30 at 12:13 AM
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