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I Cor. 2:13 (Pt. 3)  Thought/Prayer:  A Different Body Language.  Topics:  2 @ end.

“Let your language be always seasoned with the salt of grace, so that you may know how to give every man a fitting answer.”  WNT (Read this scripture and more at

Body language.  Language of the body.  Innumerable styles accompanying innumerable words spoken by innumerable persons.  It’s world-wide.  It conveys meaning, augmenting spoken words.  It can be Christian. 

Really?  By this we might mean that there is a special language spoken by members of the body of Christ (His church, worldwide).  This Christian body language may or may not incorporate what we think of as the usual body-language of communication.  It may include those who punctuate much of what they say with bodily actions.  But the main thrust of body language in Christ is:  communicating within the body of Christ.

So what is the Lord’s language in the body?  We might say it’s anything He wants of us, language-wise.  Serving Him usually requires actions and words.  This occurs all along the Christian pathways, and, in fact, this can happen when anyone serves someone else, whether of faith or not.  But within His body there are certain understandings that are not meaningful to those who have not yet come to know that joy of belief in Christ.  These understandings could be called “body” language for Christians.

Like what?  Well, for example, if Christian ladies are sharing from their daily lives, something may be said about having joy in the Lord.  This “joy of the Lord” is from the Bible (Nehemiah 8:10).  Christian sisters would know the great meaning in this and would understand a reference to it . . . and the godly meaning.  Or, if someone‘s husband is concerned about his children and where they will spend their free time as teenagers, he may speak with friends who are parenting in a similar fashion . . . the fashion being similar because both fathers are basing child-rearing on Biblical standards and admonitions.  This is another type of body language.

The understanding of meanings that Christians share is remarkable in many ways . . . and yet unremarkable because in the scripture above, our Lord told us that we should know how to speak with each person.  God is in the middle of the language in the body of Christ.

Lord, help us to know how to speak Your language within Your body the church.  We want to love our brothers and sisters in You, Lord, with the language You give us for understanding LIFE and its situations within Your body.  This is THE body language of the universe!

Topics:  Pray for wisdom and understanding within Christ’s body the church and that this language among us will prove fruitful for the Lord’s work for LIFE.
Our nation’s schools to understand and teach created-life concepts.   

Posted by Gail Richardson on 11/06 at 12:00 PM
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