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To achieve Pro-Life Unity we will establish standards that we all agree upon, and efforts that we all regularly participate in. By working together we can challenge the culture of death and the apathy which is pervasive in our society.

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I Corinthians 12:28 (Pt. 4)  Thought/Prayer:  We All “Govern.”  Topics:  2 at end.

“And some, indeed, did God set in the assembly, first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly teachers, afterwards powers, afterwards gifts of healings, helpings, governings, divers kinds of tongues; . . .” YLT   (Read these scriptures and more at 
We all “govern” in one way or another, as adults.  Parents govern their children; teachers govern classrooms; church boards govern churches.  Sometimes we may govern without really realizing it, when one household in a community may be the one that others sort of see as the leaders, the folks to keep up and are the “go to” neighbors.  Even children govern each other in play.  Often there is one kid who seems to be able to get most of the others to go his way, to play as he or she sees fit.  (But don’t feel badly if you were not that kid . . . that you held back and were more of a follower.  Leaders need followers!)

And with work for the Lord regarding abortion, euthanasia, and general right ethics, it’s important to follow the leadership God has put in place.  You or I may not see ourselves as leaders, or administrators, but someone else may view us that way.  Within the pro-life community, we may find ourselves being the example that someone needs to carry out some task they’ve been considering.  The gist of this is to say that we need to be careful to always be an example of goodness and fairness, no matter what we do; someone may be looking up at us as just the person they needed to inspire them.  We may never know this . . . but if there is someone like this, we want to be sure we represent our Lord well.  Could this be, in some ways, a small and indirect way of governing someone else’s life? 

Lord, we do not know when someone may be seeing us as a person worthy of following, as a person who may exhibit attributes of some of Your characteristics.  Because we do not always know who these persons are, Lord help us to be faithful to You in all our ways in order that we would never lead someone to stray from the path that leads to You or from the path of Your service.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom on living life as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ as seen by others, in pro-life work and in daily life.
Day of Silent Solidarity

Posted by Gail Richardson on 10/24 at 06:00 AM
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