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I Corinthians 2:13   Thought/Prayer:  Body Language.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Let your language be always seasoned with the salt of grace, so that you may know how to give every man a fitting answer.”  WNT (Read this scripture and more at

Language.  A lot is said about body language, meaning, of course, the way in which we human beings use our muscles, expressions, stances, and more, to convey our meaning in speaking.  Our muscles jump us up and down and up and down when something is really great.  Just watch the winning football team, seconds after the big win.  What are all of those big guys doing?  Jumping up and down like kids, jumping beside each other; with each other; around each other.  It’s a natural way to express joy.  (It becomes problematic only when this jumping is done where jumping isn’t done . . . the bride’s father, for example, bouncing all around with groomsmen during the entire ceremony [so happy he is to have the last of many daughters married off!])

But it’s obvious that we express ourselves with our entire bodies.  We shrug in dismay.  We softly bend to cuddle a kitten.  We stand straight with hands on hips in defiance.  Bodies’ languages.

If we are to indicate helpfulness to hurting folks via our bodies, how does that play out?  Certainly not by standing firm with arms on hips, with glowering because we fail to see any good in them because of the (often bad) decisions they have made to get them to a certain point of neediness.  WE would not have taken those pathways to troubles and disasters.  WE would have used reason and committedness to be somewhere else by this time, to have overcome instead of becoming overcome.

No, our Lord would not want us to bear down on others like this.  We are to be firm, but not hateful; right, but not intolerant; good, but not holier-than-thou.  Hatefulness, intolerance, and “holier than” show through in our body language.  We should be otherwise.

Lord, help us to truly stand for the right, the good, and firmness.  But help us to show all of these traits with body language that invites others to notice us positively, not in the negative.  Help us to remember, Lord, that we are in the human experience just like everyone else.  And, help us know that being high-handed about anything is going to bring less than joy.  And this can prevent us from serving those in LIFE situations that need You Lord, possibly You-in-us.

Topics:  Pray to be read positively, concerning our body language, in order to serve those to whom the Lord leads us.
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 11/05 at 12:33 AM
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