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Monday, September 20, 2010

I Thess. 5:14 (Pt. 2) Thought/Prayer: Having a Ball /The Secret of Their Place. Topics: 2 at end.

“And we exhort you, brethren, admonish the disorderly, encourage the fainthearted, support the weak, be longsuffering toward all.” 
ASV  (Read this scripture and more at

I went to a really neat reunion for teens who had attended high school together.  I had a great time, and they did too.  There was good food, dancing, catching-up, and prizes.  Boy, did the prizes go over! 

Oh, did I mention that these attendees are special-needs individuals?  Once again, my admiration for these kids-now-all-grown-up filled up my heart.  Most of them probably have it “more together” than I do!  Even though William (pseudonyms here) could look directly at someone for no longer than a second and who did a lot of meandering around and arm-waving, he always had a big grin going.  And Pete who has dysfunction of his limbs was busy all evening taking photos; he needed to take his time with the camera, and he did, and he got some good pictures.  A fine young couple was there – they have dated for many years – Down Syndrome does not get in the way of it!  I kept trying to place one young man – finally it hit me:  It was Wesley, all grown up so tall.  Buddy danced with me.

Perhaps none of the participants were able to drive themselves there.  I don’t know.  But someone took the time and effort to bring them to the door and take them home.  They all loved line dances and hip hop and the DJ with his rotating lights-ball.  A punch fountain and cookies were well-received. 
Who would deny young people like this their right to live?  Just who could do it?  But today it happens.  It happens over and over again.  It is tragic and a travesty against justice.  These kids known as “weak,” weren’t.  Oh, they have great problems and get upset and depressed and cranky like we all do.  But that night they were strong and fun and having a fabulous time.  Who dare call them “weak,” as in “lesser” or “lacking”?

If there is one thing we can receive from individuals such as these, all dressed up and Somewhere To Go, it is:  Joy.  That is a secret of their place in the world.  They have joy-of-just-living.  Joy, in its purest form.

Lord, we pray to appreciate all the types of people you made to live on Planet Earth.  Lord, we pray that you will just convict and convict that people such as these at the reunion party will be allowed to live and enjoy their lives, with some help from others.  Help us all to learn from them, what is really important.

Topics: Pray that people in our nation will have respect for people with disabilities and their contribution to society.  Really pray.
Respect-Life Teams in churches

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/20 at 06:51 PM
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