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II Timothy 2:14 (Pt. 3)  Thought/Prayer:  Mere Words.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Bring all this to men’s remembrances, solemnly charging them in the presence of God not to waste time in wrangling about mere words, a course which is altogether unprofitable and tends only to the ruin of the hearers.”  WNT (Read these scriptures and more at 

Wranglers wrangle.  They take care of animals on a ranch or farm.  Sometimes this requires some angry dealings with recalcitrant animals over who is in control:  man or beast.  It’s hard work, wrangling a bull or an upset horse with quick directional hooves.  It’s a dispute that must be settled.  And “man” must come out the winner!

Paul writes to Timothy that he is not to wrangle over words.  Mere words.  Timothy is to not take on others in battles over words.  Could we say that in Paul’s day it didn’t matter whether someone said potato or “potaht-o”? No, we can’t.  But since human nature hasn’t changed since “day one” as we say (literally day one at creation) we could very well consider that even such silliness as the sound of a vowel in a word was in verbiage then. 

But Paul, of course, says we are not to wrangle over mere words.  Words always have meaning beyond their spelling.  Maybe Paul is talking of more profound differences in words;  words of doctrine, that set of beliefs by which Christians live.  Doesn’t it seem reasonable that we would at times disagree about them?

Yes, we’ll disagree.  But perhaps the import of what Paul is saying is, don’t get disagreeable.  When we get into disagreeable arguing, truth sometimes hides in angry words, not to be found.  We Christians do not want that!  We can disagree without getting on our high horse and wrangling it down.

Lord, help us to discuss things but not get into difficult wrangles.  Especially let us be peaceful about the meanings of living the Christian life and let us not present ourselves as upset or peevish when we are sharing You with others and helping someone make a decision for LIFE.

Topics:  Pray for peaceful resolution when disagreements arise especially for a united front for others who see how we live.
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/22 at 06:00 AM
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