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II Timothy 2:14   Thought/Prayer:  Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Bring all this to men’s remembrances, solemnly charging them in the presence of God not to waste time in wrangling about mere words, a course which is altogether unprofitable and tends only to the ruin of the hearers.”  WNT (Read these scriptures and more at 

Do we turn a shirt inside out or outside in?  Why do we usually say upside down instead of downside up?  And there are always the disagreements over po-tay-to and po-tah-to, to-may-to or po-tah-to with a certain proud lift of the head.  Yes, in languages on Earth, there are many ways to say things and many ways to disagree about how they’re said!  And all of this can be a lot of fun. 

The people in the Bible had a lot of fun in lots of ways, of course.  For example, all of the feasts for weddings, the shouting heard for miles around when the foundation was begun for the reconstruction of the Temple (Ezra 3:12,13).  And we know Jesus Himself was invited to happy events such as weddings – it was at a wedding that He brought about His first miracle, turning water into tasty wine (John 2:11).

We’re just not to seriously argue about differences in word usage.  Paul tells his young protégé Timothy to not waste time with it.  Just straight out live your faith according to God’s words.  Paul probably had more weightier words in mind than potato/tomato when He wrote this.  And we know that God never argues about His words.  They just are.  And they are what they say.

So when we are telling someone about God and His love in Jesus Christ, let us be straight out true with our words and also wise, as we let the Holy Spirit guide us.  Lord, we want to not be picky over just words.  We just want to speak of You effectively and not get into battles over how to say this, or that.  Thank You for helping us in this.

Topics:  Pray for the ability to speak straightforwardly and clearly as we speak of the Lord and of LIFE issues, with others.
Community leaders to be LIFE advocates


Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/20 at 06:00 AM
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