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II Timothy I:12-14 (Pt. 3)

Thought/Prayer:  I Know Whom I Have Believed.  Topics:  2 at end.

“For this reason I also suffer these things, but I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.”

The song goes,
“I know whom I have believe-ed,
And am persuade-ed,
That He is able . . .
To keep that which I’ve commit-ed,
Unto Him,
Against That Day.”

(Words: Daniel W. Whittle
Music: James McGranahan)

I have believed Jesus and am trusting in Him against “That Day,” which can mean kept until His heavenly kingdom, or His final appearance, among perhaps other meanings.  To me, it means the Day at which I will see Him in person in all His royal glory.  I can trust Him to keep my soul safe until then.

We know that safety should begin in the womb and end only at God’s planned last moments of a person’s life.  How we must pray for that!  Picture the feet in minutiae, with perfect toes, at 10 weeks in the womb.  Picture the leathery hand of the aged believer, lying still on the coverlet but responding to loving touch.  The soul of these Christ keeps safe.  But what about their bodies?

Man would take it upon himself to go against the physical body, choosing to corrupt both the womb and the hour of death.  How it must grieve the Saviour to see his precious ones, not yet born or not yet received unto Himself in death, violated so.  We know that on earth Jesus shed tears over those He could not reach with His love.  Surely His tears must still be falling not only for those on Earth who will not accept his loving sacrifice for them, but for those who either never get the chance to have a life on earth, or are cheated out of their last days or hours.

Pray once again that Christ’s perfect will for each life on earth—and before life begins outside of the womb—will be ever more greatly considered by more and more people on Earth.

Topics:  Pray for every pregnant woman on the planet to be able to deliver her baby in wholeness and truth.
Pray for the U.S. Senate members, that God will be turning their heads and hears to LIFE.

Posted by Gail Richardson on 11/23 at 02:22 AM
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