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Isaiah 11:6   Thought/Prayer:  Led by Youth.  Topics:  2 at end.

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”  KJV (Read this scripture and more at

We know that the little child, Jesus, came to lead us to God.  He is the epitome of an example of a little child having the maturity to lead others, including adults.  There has never been and will never be another “little child” like Jesus.  He is the one and only, actually the One and Only, God Himself.  But there are other young persons who lead others, including adults, very well.  There are often news stories about children or teens who have a heart for service and use this gift to better the circumstances for others in some way.

In our town there is such an example.  Two teachers at a private Christian school began Compassion Ministry two years ago, and the candlelight service is one contribution Compassion Ministry makes to the annual memorial service for deceased homeless.  Students at the school volunteer to spend a few hours every month bringing food and friendship to homeless men and women.  For some students, it might seem quite a stretch to leave the familiar surroundings of their own homes and acquaint themselves with people seemingly quite different, different because nowhere is home to them.  Or anywhere. 

But when hearts of compassion warm to the cause of helping the homeless, the differences may just disappear because of the bond of human-ness that God has built into each of us.  The students who go to the homeless are really only identifying with someone just like themselves:  a person created by God, but in very different circumstances.
The same could be said of teens who participate in ministries to unwed pregnant girls.  The bond is there at the level of humanity itself, not in circumstances.  It’s a bond that is very meaningful, especially when reaching those in difficult circumstances.  Any of us could be there some day, and if so, what would probably be quite meaningful is just to have someone come and spend time and understand.  These young people are offering these qualities to fellow human beings – those wno may not always be fragrant or clean.

These students are being great examples of the Christian love for humanity itself.  It is the same for those of us who serve the families with unexpected pregnancies. 

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to serve in spite of differences and because of our human bond, brought by you.  Help us never to feel superior to the hurting or the homeless.  Help us identify with them because You created them, just as you did us.  Thank you for youth who will lead out greatly with servant hearts.  Help them to lead all of us.  Help us to be willing to follow.

Topics:  Pray for the compassion of these two students to serve those very different from themselves, yet so alike.
Sarah’s Hope

Posted by Gail Richardson on 12/29 at 05:24 AM
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