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Isaiah 44:21 (Pt. 4)  Thought/Prayer:  Idols/Servants.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Remember these things, Jacob and Israel; for you are my servant. I have formed you. You are my servant. Israel, you will not be forgotten by me.” WEB   (Read these scriptures and more at

God has just chided Israel for turning to false gods and worshipping idols made by their own hands, unseeing, wooden idols.  It just doesn’t figure that someone should worship something they just carved out of wood.  (Or, we might also make the point that worshipping one’s own money or is no different – Could not the desire for riches be a different manifestation of this—in a sense the worship of something made with our own hands?  By our own efforts?) 

Here, in this scripture, God makes a contrast.  Instead of the word “idol,” God says “servant.”  Israel is His servant; servants are not made of wood or gold or other substances.  They are real, living persons with a distinct role to play in a household.

And no human hands formed Jacob or Israel:  only the hands of God.  Of course, a servant’s human make-up is flesh and bones.  Only God can make such.  In the animal kingdom or in the creation of mankind, it is God’s fashioning with flesh and bones that creates a living being.  Never wood.  Wood never “lives” in the sense of being alive, of having breath as a living “being.”

But a great point here is that God will not forget.  He has created Jacob and Israel (and us who believe) as servants whom He will not forget.  What good master or lord will forget a good, worthy servant?  God, the greatest Master, will not forget or ignore.  More so than any earthly lord, He will not forget . . . because of service rendered by a servant; He will not forget because they are fashioned by Him.

Lord, we offer ourselves as your servants, not idols of wood.  You have created us to serve.  And in Your service, we minister, just as a servant assists a master in a castle or household.  May we remember that we represent You in all we do as flesh-and-blood servants – never lifeless idols.  Help us to serve in pro-life manifestations of Your love, as servants remembered well.       

Topics:  Pray for a servant’s heart in all of our pro-LIFE work and beyond, as God leads us, His self-fashioned servants.
Leaders in the United States Air Force, to stand for LIFE

Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/28 at 06:02 PM
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