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Monday, January 31, 2011

Isaiah 46:4 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  Friends, Nearly Centenarians.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Even to your old age I am the same, and to your grey hairs I will carry you: I have made you, and I will bear: I will carry and will save.  ” Douay-Rheims 1899 American Version (Read this scripture and more at

Oh that everything in life were as set in stone as our God in His dealings with us.  As we read here, He is always the same.  He will carry us.  And He will save.  For someone approaching the century mark in years, this must be extremely comforting.

Today, a trip to the mortuary.  We viewed the earthly housing of our 99-year-old dear loved one, my husband’s mother, who went to be with the Lord four days ago.  Next, a trip to a rehabilitation hospital to see a friend.  The friend is exactly one week older than our near-centenarian.  She and my mother-in-law met on a bus to church 64 years ago.  She already has a dress picked out to wear to her 100th birthday party.  She has been blessed by retaining a good memory, a blessing that did not remain within Mom. 

Why is it that some are allowed to remain totally green in their minds while others begin withering and drying up far too long before their final day on Earth?  Someone much younger than my husband’s mother could not attend her service:  He has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and is extremely debilitated.  Four years ago he and his wife drove several hours to attend the funeral of my father-in-law.  Couldn’t do it this time.

Why:  We just don’t know.  We don’t understand.  We want to change things.  We can’t.  Not with ordinary means anyway (there are miracles).  But we can remember when days were good and normal and better.  We can appreciate contributions to the good of life and of others, from the past.  We can learn endurance and tenacity in caring for these folks in such situations, just as they must be extremely tenacious about their lives as they seek to live the best way manageable.  They can be so brave.

Lord, help us to not need to try to understand everything you allow when things are playing out.  Help us to not worry when we know we understand so little.  Keep us close, keep families in crisis close, keep Your Self close, Lord, we pray.  Help us to sow seeds of respect for those who can no longer be the way they would want to be.  The color of green in respect can go a long way to dealing with those who are no longer the same, who are no longer able and as the scripture says, are carried by the Lord.

Topics: Pray for respect for those who are aged and failing, as God would have us.  He respects their lives as he leave them here on Earth.  Lord help us to, also.     
Domestic missionaries

Posted by Gail Richardson on 01/31 at 09:50 PM
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