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Job 19:4 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  Typos - Once More.  Topics:  2 at end.

“If it is true that I have erred, my error remains with myself.”  WEB (Read this scripture and more at

(I’m always writing about typos, it seems . . . must do a lot of them.  They are, of course, errors.)

In this passage from the book of Job, the tormented man Job is saying, paraphrased, to his accusing friends who came to help him, “Hey, look.  If it is possible that I have been in error in my life, still it is of no matter to you; I am responsible for my own errors.  Go away and let me deal with my own self.”  His friends had been trying to point out to him that his troubles must surely be the result of some sin in his life.  He’s saying that it’s none of their business!

So what about us today?  Maybe we don’t have a few friends sitting with us and telling us that there must be some reason for all of our difficulties.  In our fast-paced cultures it is something of a rarity for anyone to “sit” with someone just as a comfort, for very long.  These friends sat with Job for many days – seven days and seven nights – and they never spoke a word to him because of his severe grief.  This is unimaginable in our day, this commitment to support someone through grievous times such as these men did.  They were just “there,” as we so often say.  (Now, if they had been into texting . . . . but I digress . . . )

Well, typographical errors are not sin, and it is interesting that they can at times actually show something different that has meaning by mistake.  Usually the errors in typing are not Earth-shaking, unless there is some huge contract or treaty, etc., at stake, the whole thing going under because of a typo.  On the level of business, we don’t need these errors to bring down a contract; socially we can get ourselves in big trouble with a transposition of letters in a word or such.  (Some bring huge laughter . . . or frowny faces.)

We are thankful that our spiritual errors (including outright sin) are forgivable.  Most sincere Christians do not want to picture themselves going around in life unforgiven; it’s too depressing; which shows, of course, that being unforgiven is a terrible burden.  Some people go through life being unforgiven by other people.  Extremely debilitating.  But our God, the perfect One Who never did and never will need anyone’s forgiveness is willing to forgive us, His own.  But we need to own up to our errors before Him, take that full responsibility to “remain” them unto ourselves, so to speak.  Then forgiveness is forthright from our God.

Lord, help us to lead others to God’s forgiveness, even in-womb death has occurred.  Even if euthanasia has a relative burdened down by that irreversible decision for someone else.  Help us help others to own their errors before God and to receive His willing forgiveness.

Topics:  Pray for those experiencing the thralls of depression over their sin to be led to the God Who forgives, once there is repentance and a calling out for help. 
Norma McCorvey – Roe No More Ministry

Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/30 at 05:59 AM
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