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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Job 33:3 (Pt. 6)  Thought/Prayer:  Anointed Lips.  Topics:  2 at end.

“My words shall utter the uprightness of my heart: and that which my lips know they shall speak sincerely.”  ERV (Read these scriptures and more at 
Psalm 45:2   “You are the most excellent of the sons of men. Grace has anointed your lips, therefore God has blessed you forever.”  WEB

It can be awesome, to think of our lips being anointed by God.  It seems so holy; and it is.  What’s awesome is that this holiness can come to lips that are so everyday, so common in their use.

We know that our lips can make a smile; whistle; shape words; be licked; purse; blow bubbles (such as in babies’ cuteness); pout; or downturn in sadness.  And every big brother knows what little brother does best:  smacking . . . when eating.

Yes, lips made for the everyday have many skills.  But they also take part in praise, forming words to the Lord in thanksgiving for his awesome presence in our world.  Often interpreted to be a poem to God, the Psalmist here praises the anointed lips of the king.  Jesus is King. Perhaps the psalmist wrote this without saying the words; but he may have formed the words without speaking.  Either way, the psalm is meant to be spoken in all grandeur and glory.  It of itself is very praiseworthy. 

Lord, beautiful psalms such as this have a great place in Your repertoire of praises from lips of men.  That You anoint our lips – and those of kings—is beyond understanding.  Just help us, Lord, to respond with anointed words that do justice to the blessing of anointment You bestow upon us, as purely as a baby’s lips enjoying making bubbles.

Topics:  Pray for the most praiseworthy anointed lips ever.  Ask the Lord to give praises in our hearts, to be spoken forth to others in LIFE crises, as some of the best words to cross our lips.
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/26 at 10:59 PM
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