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Joel 3:11 (Pt. 2)  Strong Ones Falling Down?  Topics:  2 at end.

“Break forth, and come, all ye nations, from round about, and gather yourselves together: there will the Lord cause all thy strong ones to fall down.” DRA (Read this scripture and more at

Who are the strong ones in any nation?  Here the scripture refers to nations who are not pleasing to the Lord; and their strong citizens (warriors probably) will fall down.  Perhaps nations such as when this Joel was writing, put their trust in strong men on horses.  But we’re told in Ps. 33:17 that:  “Vain is the horse for safety: neither shall he be saved by the abundance of his strength.”  DRA

In nations all over, there are professional warriors (the army, the navy, the air force and more), and they would of necessity be strong, a “strong one,” because of their training and dedication.  We would not want to see these men and women of strength falling down.  We want them up and running and doing their parts in the defense of their nations.

These professional military people work hard at keeping themselves strong.  They go through regimens of exercise and other preparedness.  Soldiers practice the submission of themselves to superiors, thus making for strength in the chain of command.

We must pray for them.  They need the prayers of Godly men and women to encourage them on; and God has plans for every nation and the armored regiments, in every way.  Whether driving a tank or becoming a sharpshooter who can become a sniper immediately when needed, God is there; he is involved.  He is working out the plans for Earth and also the entire universe.

When we pray for the military who stand for truth and justice, we are praying into His plan in some manner, even though we have very limited knowledge of a master plan from the Master Planner.   
Lord, help us to be faithful to pray for the military personnel in any country, with a focus on nations that stand for the Good.  In our own nation, help us to be especially faithful to support our military plans, whatever they are.  And by doing this, we will pray into plans for LIFE; when babies are saved and not aborted, there is a chance that there will in the future be a military person who will make a great difference in the world.

Topics:  Pray for our armed forces and all plans being made for the defense of our nation.  Pray for the armed forces in other nations that stand for the Good.
Unborn Cry for Justice



Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/24 at 04:54 PM
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