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Saturday, October 19, 2013

John 16:21   Thought/Prayer:  Birthday, Girl-child or Boy-child.  Topics:  2 at end.

“A woman, when she gives birth, has sorrow, because her time has come. But when she has delivered the child, she doesn’t remember the anguish any more, for the joy that a human being is born into the world.”  WEB (Read this scripture and more at

When a daughter or a son has a birthday:  Mothers are reminded of that daughter’s or son’s natal day and all the details that went into getting this girl-child or boy-child into the world.  Some of these memories could be difficult in remembrance; but for the most part, memories of delivering a child into the world turn toward happy.  The pain seems to disappear, as we are told in this verse above.  It’s a great plan; we don’t want all of our mothers moping around reliving every moment of childbirth to the neglect of enjoying the child!

Not only do mothers consider the events of that day, mothers may often rehearse in their hearts many of the fondnesses of bringing up this particular birthday kid.  Little cute things at age four; bigger cute (and maybe wiser) things done at age eight; wonderful non-cute but special things done at high school ages.  Maybe part of enjoying a child at different stages of growth and development is selectively remembering those progressions from a vantage point without any responsibility of action expected!

Probably, also, a lot of mothers think back to their own childhoods, whether there are good memories or otherwise.  Hopefully, even less-than-great times growing up will have perhaps shaped a future for these mothers, futures that are adjusted around bad memories, to bring a better outcome in a new generation.

Those mothers who are considering abortion need our prayers to help them sort out their lives that have been interrupted with their oncoming child.  We must pray that they will give birth; that they will greatly cherish this child because of the decision made to give him, or her, Earthly life; and that those who support these moms will help them to create memories worthy of a child created by God, created to be a part of the world He made, a world that includes mothers, babies, and natal-days-remembered. 

Lord, help us in some way to uphold mothers considering abortion, to help them realize the blessing they carry within themselves . . . and to uphold them in their decision to carry the baby to birth, with prayer and also physical support if appropriate.

Topics:  Pray to know of those who need prayer for the decision they are facing as to whether to bring a new life into the world.
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 10/19 at 02:09 AM
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