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Luke 21:28 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  Humility Before An Orderly God.  Topics:  2 at end.

Speaking of the end times of calamity, Jesus tells his followers, “But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.” Douay-Rheims 1899 American Version (Read this scripture and more at
We live within the high order and structure God created for mankind and the existence of time.  His plans for the universe are all in order, and He knows the outcome of this orderly universe and:  morality, amorality and immorality; goodness, temptation and evil.  This is why we must look up.  This is why we must look higher.  He made it all and knows it all.

From the timing of a comet making its way around and around in space to the timing of a spot appearing on the wings of a lady bug, He is in control.  From the forming of new baby stars so far away and fiery we can’t imagine them, to the shaping of a new baby in the womb, He knows what He is doing.  He has even filled seemingly empty space in the universe with something unseen called dark matter.

If Someone is so powerful and orderly, why would we have a problem believing He has expectations of his creations such as us?  Why do we question His integrity of character and go against it when we say brutally taking a life from the womb is ok, it doesn’t matter?  Why would there not be a moral order and expectation as well as a physical one? 

We must look higher.  And not only look, but attempt to absorb at least a piece of how God is.  As we look up,  and can perhaps can know a bit more about Him and try to place ourselves in perspective with His awesomeness, we may be teachable.  Being in the presence of awesomeness may lead to humility and thus an openness for being taught.  Is it out of the realm of possibility to think that we would think of life when in this humbled position?  He created Earth.  And then what did he do?  He populated it with living things. 

We cannot, we must not let our worldly endeavors (many of which are, of course, necessary and life-sustaining) overcome our vision and position of humility in the presence of the great Life-Giver.  Lord, help us to consider Your awesome Being and to surrender to Your higher ways and order and to know over and over that we must stand for LIFE.  There is no other way.  You are the Way.  You are the LIFE.  You are God.  What more do we and the babies and the elderly need?         

Topics:  Pray for humility before God to understand His purposes for LIFE and then to be more open about promoting it on Earth.
U.S. Marines to consider LIFE issues properly



Posted by Gail Richardson on 08/27 at 07:38 PM
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