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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Luke 21:29,30   Thought/Prayer:  Figs Give a Forecast.  Topics:  2 at end.

“And He spoke a parable to them. “See,” He said, “the fig-tree and all the trees. As soon as they have shot out their leaves, you know at a glance that summer is now near.”  (WEY)  (Read this scripture and more at

This verse is part of the words of Jesus concerning the signs of His second coming to Earth, when he comes back in victory to rule.  But this little verse at the first is what we will consider today.  He speaks of the signs of summer approaching.  At this writing, in many parts of the Earth, summer is almost here.  In other parts, it is just leaving.  God created interesting aspects to our globe when it comes to its north/south seasons of opposites, based on the equator’s division of our climates. 

But here, as often, the Lord makes a comparison with our lives and something in nature.  In this verse, he singles out the fig tree.  It tells us when summer is approaching!  First comes the leaves . . . and in this Weymouth translation, the leaves have teen “shot out.”  It seems that once a little leaf decides to grow and make itself known, it just bursts out like a shot. 

The leaves are thick and have a leathery appearance.  The topside looks fuzzy or bristly because of fine tiny hairs that helps the tree survive a hot, dry climate, protecting from the sun.  God planned for the climate of the fig!

And doesn’t God sometimes give us, his children, advance awareness of something that is coming for us?  Don’t we sometimes realize later that there have been signs along the way that He has something in store for us?  A blessing? A challenge?

In thinking of moms carrying unplanned babies, perhaps we can ask the Lord to give them some advance awareness of what it would be like to mother this child, if there is doubt about it.  We could ask Him to give them positive thoughts and perhaps images of babies and mothers, families, and more.

Lord, we thank You for telling how the fig tree lets us humans know that things are a’happenin’.  It’s a sweet piece of Your Word.  And help us to pray that many will choose life for their children because of signs that you give them all along.

Topics:  Pray for awareness on the part of women carrying inconvenient babies, that there are fruitfulness and blessing down the road a ways.
Schools in nations, that teachers will have pro-Life attitudes

Posted by Gail Richardson on 06/08 at 04:10 PM
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