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Mark 5: 24 - 34 (Pt. 2)

Thought/Prayer:  A Discourteous Question.  Topics:  2 at end.

“And he went with him, and a large crowd followed him and pressed on him. And a certain woman who had had a flux of blood twelve years, and had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent everything she had and had found no advantage from it, but had rather got worse, having heard concerning Jesus, came in the crowd behind and touched his clothes; for she said, If I shall touch but his clothes I shall be healed. And immediately her fountain of blood was dried up, and she knew in her body that she was cured from the scourge.  And immediately Jesus, knowing in himself the power that had gone out of him, turning round in the crowd said, Who has touched my clothes? And his disciples said to him, Thou seest the crowd pressing on thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me? And he looked round about to see her who had done this. But the woman, frightened and trembling, knowing what had taken place in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth. And he said to her, Daughter, thy faith has healed thee; go in peace, and be well of thy scourge.” DBY  (Read this scripture and more at

Although this may seem unusual, in some ways I am almost glad the Bible is so honest about all the persons in it.  Not that I want to disparage Bible personalities, but here are the disciples, with Jesus, and he asks a question, and some of their group retorts that they think it is a silly question.  In a seemingly smart-aleck way they say, “Thou seest the crowd pressing on thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?”!

As we say today, Jesus “put up with a lot” concerning us humans.  And yet He loved us to the end.  Even though he saw our type being power-hungry, doubting, shallow and sassy, he still loved us to the end; the end, of course, being the sacrificial purchasing of eternal life for all who believe. 

As we seek to serve Him, it is good to know that in spite of how we are, Who He Is prevails, and we need not deem ourselves unworthy because of all our faults.  Without Him, we are unworthy.  With Him, we are never considered unworthy by God.  Lord, we know that as we strive to serve you, we disappoint you over and over. 

But, Lord, we praise you that your view of us does not stop there:  Thank you for our sake that You see us as beautiful, especially as we confess our faults, and we know that we have your blessing as we serve those also-imperfect persons whom we defend for LIFE.  Lord, thank you for writing your Word to be so frank and honest about your followers when you were on earth, as hope for all who believe.

Topics:  Pray that God will help us view ourselves as persons-of-potential for Him when we become discouraged over our faults and failures.
Norma McCorvey of Crossing Over Ministry



Posted by Peter Shinn on 08/16 at 06:23 AM
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