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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Matthew 10:29 – 31 Thought/Prayer:  When Does Baby’s Hair Grow?  Topics:  2 at end.

“Do not two sparrows sell for a halfpenny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s leave. But as for you, the very hairs on your heads are all numbered.  Away then with fear; you are more precious than a multitude of sparrows.” WEY (Read this scripture and more at

Almost 9 years ago I wrote some brief words as a short devotion on  Well, they still stand true. 
I wrote then, “When telling about my friends who were protected from the cold by a loving God, I also noted the part of this scripture regarding the hairs on our heads.  It hit me:  The hairs are also numbered on the heads of the preborn.  God knows TOTALLY EVERYTHING about these babies, since HE is knitting them together in the womb.  Please beseech God that He CONVICT citizens of our globe to know the worth of the ‘created,’ the beautiful in vitro.  Please, God, we ask you for this, and soon.” 

So today I consider my thoughts from that writing.  I supposed I had not considered them again since then, but now I am thinking, “Hmmmm.  Yes, that is true.  God does know the number of the hairs on a developing baby’s head.” So when does the hair being to form on a baby in the womb?

Well it seems that by the 14th week of pregnancy, layer of what is called lanugo, begins to develop.  This is a soft, fine hair that starts on the face; eventually it covers the entire body. As early as the 30th week hair begins growth on the head. Lanugo begins falling off before birth.  Most of it shed by birth.

So, although each baby is certainly different in growth in the womb, and some are born bald, we might say that around the 30th week in the womb, hair grows, and God knows the number of hairs.  However many He has scheduled for a particular child, that is what the child grows.  It’s pretty mind-boggling.

Thank You, Lord, for this little passage in Your Word that tells us of your intelligence and all-knowing knowledge.  Nothing escapes you.  Maybe there is some distraught pregnant woman who would decided to birth her baby if only she knew how personally it is that You develop that child in her womb.  We pray that someone tell her.  Tell her about the hair!

Topics:  Pray for God to send someone to upset women who are questioning the birth of their babies, that they may know how personally God loves that child within.
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Posted by Gail Richardson on 06/22 at 10:34 PM
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