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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Matthew 6:28, 29 (Pt. 4) Thought/Prayer:Solomon’s Do-It-Yourself.Topics: 2 @ end.

“And why be anxious about clothing? Learn a lesson from the wild lilies. Watch their growth. They neither toil nor spin, and yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his magnificence could array himself like one of these.”  WNT (Read this scripture and more at

Perhaps it would be interesting to consider this, regarding Solomon’s magnificence:  He had to “do it himself.”  Yes, in this scripture that touts simplicity and natural beauty, with it being compared to Solomon’s fine majesty, it says it clearly:  array himself.  He (with the assistance of a cadre of slaves and others) is not presented here as naturally magnificent.  His magnificence described here came from additions to himself.  Not that he was not handsome – we don’t have a photo, of course – but to enhance his God-given features required the work of himself and others.

But the lily in the field – it comes clothed already in beauty.  Whether it is a tiger lily (designed with orange and black) or a pure white lily associated with the purity of Easter, the lily in any field comes already arrayed.  How could we improve upon it?  Well, we cannot.  What would we do?  Arm ourselves with permanent markers and draw little extra jewelry-shaped designs on the petals?  Any lily would wilt in shame. 
And what does this have to do with pro-life endeavors?  Our Lord will array us with what we need to carry out His desires for LIFE on Planet Earth.  Whether it is physical clothing or the trappings that go along with service, He will provide it for us.  We will be clothed in just the perfect outfits, we might say, outfitted for service.

Lord, help us to look to You for our needs; You will provide, whether they be physical or in other areas of our lives.  Thank you that we can count on you to care for us just as you do a lovely flower in the middle of some unnoticed pasture.  You care about that lily; you will care about us.

Topics:  Pray for trust in the Lord when it comes to our needs in the service of His work. 
Silent No More

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/19 at 11:00 AM
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