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Friday, October 31, 2014

Matthew 7:11 Thought/Prayer:  Dads and Goblins.  Topics:  2 at end.

“If you then, imperfect as you are, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him”!  WEY (Read these scriptures and more at 

Halloween again.  We sit on our porch and hand out goodies to the neighborhood kids, as happens all over our nation.  We can see down a winding street, three or four blocks, with a couple of side streets that branch off.  It’s a great vantage point to see all of the costumed princes, pirates, robots, vampires, ballet dancers, and more.  As the night darkens, the lights they carry become beacons of their presence on dark areas of the streets.  And parents.

Parents accompany their kids on this night, stopping to chat on a corner . . . . cold, this evening.  One might think that only the moms are out with kids getting treats.  Not so.

There are a lot of dads who come to our house shepherding their little folks.  Dads carrying sons, daughters.  Dads smiling over their children’s costumes or antics.  Dads helping the very smallest choose a treat from a Halloween bowl or a little black plastic cauldron.  It might not seem all that important, these dads out doing this.

But it is.  I don’t know a lot of these men, but whoever they are and whatever their lifestyle or beliefs, they’re being good dads tonight.  It’s certainly worth noting.  And I do.  It may be the biggest treat of all, for Halloween.

Lord, thank you for dads who are involved in children.  Thank you that they are willing to get out and go about on Halloween as part of their fathering.  Fathering little goblins.  Fatherhood is so extremely important.  Thank you, Lord, for giving so many fathers the interest and the ability to encourage their kids by involving themselves in Halloween traditions, no matter what else they may wish to be doing, inside, out of the cold!

Topics:  Pray for fathers to step up to their children and father them wisely and willingly.  Help those in pro-life circles to be able to speak to dads about this when the opportunity arises. 
Focus on the Family

Posted by Gail Richardson on 10/31 at 11:00 PM
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