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2 Samuel 23:1-4   Thought/Prayer:  Shining Always.  Topics:  2 at end.

  From David’s Last Song:
      “David the son of Jesse declares,
      The man who was raised on high declares,
      The anointed of the God of Jacob,
      And the sweet psalmist of Israel,
      ’The Spirit of the LORD spoke by me,
      And His word was on my tongue.
      ’The God of Israel said,
      The Rock of Israel spoke to me,
      He who rules over men righteously,
      Who rules in the fear of God,
      ‘Is as the light of the morning when the sun rises,
      A morning without clouds,
      When the tender grass springs out of the earth,
      Through sunshine after rain.’”

As the shortest day of the year approaches, one may contemplate the star called the sun that perfectly lights our planet.  In hemispheres where there are definite seasons, part of our awareness of nature is through the amount of light each day.  As the sun works its way to its extreme limits, or hours of maximum exposure/minimum exposure, we figure out whether it is summer or winter.  When the winter solstice approaches, it appears that the sun might be letting out less light because we see less.  But of course, this is not the reality.

Our sun never lets out more or less light; it shines steadily on us, always.  Oh, yes, there are times when it gives off more bursts of burning gas, but the core steadiness of its basically light does not change toward us.  And the same applies in regard to the light our Lord, the Rock of Israel in his splendid light.  He is as the beautiful “light of the morning when the sun rises.”  There’s just something special about the first light of day, whenever we shall be able to notice it.

Lord, we thank you that our sun never changes its light.  But we thank you even more that the Son of salvation never dims or changes either.  He is always the same, in his shining countenance.  He tells us that he never changes (Heb. 13:8).  Lord, help us to recognize that you don’t change your blazing presence, even though clouds may cover your face, or days may seem either too short or two long from our perspective. 

Topics:  Pray for faith as we go about our pro-life endeavors, faith to realize that Christ never changes and that His light always lights our way even through times in life when we don’t recognize it.
Unity of purpose and support for all pro-life groups

Posted by Gail Richardson on 12/20 at 07:37 PM
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