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Prov.27:19 (Pt3)Thought/Prayer:Face Reflects Heart?Topics:2 @ end.

“As in water face reflects face,
So the heart of man reflects man.”  Weymouth’s New Testament  (Read this scripture and more at

So how can someone’s face reflect his or her heart?  It would seem that a person’s heart is within, well, a body, and our faces can’t really see inside!  Or can they?

Maybe if we think of our hearts as full of light (as in the light of Jesus), maybe our hearts can reflect.  In actuality our bodies contain a lot of light in general (hence X-rays work), so why not our hearts?  Let’s say that’s especially with Jesus who is the Light of the World (John 8:12).  Maybe then maybe we can picture that Jesus’ light will be displayed on our faces.  It comes from our heart and lights up our face.  Now can that not be a form of reflection?

Somehow our hearts can shine back at us what we are as persons.  We don’t know how to do it, but God does. 

So as we go about standing up for LIFE in all its many facets, from abortion, aging issues, the disabled, the mentally frail, the clone, the         embryonic stem cell, and on and on, how do we shine the reflection of our hearts?

By staying close to Jesus and close to others.  If we look up and figuratively receive His light, then we turn and shine it toward others in not a figurative way, but in a real way.  Our heart’s lamp is shining out, to reach out.  Without His light, and without service to others, it doesn’t work.  And if we try to serve others without His soft yet often blazing light, we’re just doing “stuff.”  It’s the combination that bring reflection and Him to the world around us.

Lord, help us stay close and soak up every glitter of light that You are, into our hearts, and help us to never save it – but to give it away as a reflection of You in us.

Topics:  Pray for the faces of Christians to reflect more and More of Jesus, to others, as we draw nearer to Him and fill our lives and hearts with the Light of the World.         
King for America:  Dr. Alveda King      

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/21 at 11:00 AM
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