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Proverbs 16:24   Thought/Prayer:  Pleasantness.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Sayings of pleasantness are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul, and healing to the bone.” (YLT)  (Read this scripture and more at

Let us end this week of thoughts and prayer with this sweetly positive scripture.  Young’s Literal Translation has a lovely way of expressing this positive point.  (It may be uniquely the translation that uses the word “pleasantness” instead of gracious, kind, or pleasant.)  Pleasantness:  The softness of the word could make it an example of a word that, when pronounced, has closely the sound of its meaning. Pleas(soft z-sound)-unt-ness.  The words seem soft to say; and, pleasantness is a softness regarding something that makes it easy to be said, or to be around.

So, regarding this pleasantness, in Proverbs we see that using pleasant sayings are like the sweetness of a honeycomb.  What’s more, they are good for body and soul! 

Actually, I think modern medical and therapeutic science might prove this!  It’s not that we never need stress; in some ways stress pushes us on to get something accomplished.  But, here we see that pleasantness is sweet to the soul.  Yes, who has not been refreshed on a difficult day by someone offering a compliment or just saying “hello” in a kind manner? 

But healing to the bone?  Well, we may just leave that to those who study such.  But from a lay point of view, why would it not make sense that a happiness in the soul would lead to a less stressful “self” that might show up in our bodies’ bones, etc.?

So, yes, we will end this week on a pleasant note (as an aside, music can have its sweet effect in pleasant ways).  Lord, we pray for pleasant words with families who are struggling with decisions-LIFE, decisions-death.  It’s so easy to shout and scream out angst and frustration.  Help these folks to speak with more pleasant attitudes and vocabulary to foster sweetness and healing.

Topics:  Pray for a heart to speak pleasantly in most occasions, even when conflict arises from our lives and hearts.
U. S. Supreme Court justices to be convicted to vote LIFE

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/29 at 03:04 PM
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