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Psalm 102: 18   Thought/Prayer:  The Generation to Come.  Topics:  2 at end.

“This shall be written for the generation to come: and a people which shall be created shall praise the LORD.” ERV   (Read this scripture and more at

It was spoken of as I was leaving, tonight.  The mother of the high-school graduate, this mother whom we have known since she was in elementary school, commented on how fun it is to see the generations-effect on life, the coming and going and achieving that each generation fosters.  It is, yes, fun, and pretty neat, the way in which it works.

Who doesn’t remember their high-school graduation week, with all the festivities, ceremony, and high feelings?  And, usually, there are generations in attendance to many of the events.  Who has not sat through a graduation ceremony for several hundred because a granddaughter or godson was graduating, the only known youth out of hundreds? But we do it.  Generations do it for the next generations.

We get together; reminisce; eat; hug; pat shoulders; laugh; and glance at time going by, if rather askance and unpondered at the moment.  But, as we leave, or as we go back to our lives lived for decades after our own graduation, we surely must reflect on have-been, as-is, and will-be.  Yes, generations pass down the traditions and ceremonies to one another, one by one.  And, 18 years may seem a lot of time between the generational graduations.  But growing up is completely accomplished within each!  That takes . . . well . . . about 18 years!  (Maturity is not completely accomplished, but the processes of growing up – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are to the “adult” stage now.)  Mature or not, we all look forward to the freedom of adulthood.

This scripture speaks of scripture being written for the next generation.  This makes sense:  God, who came up with the generations idea, speaks to us and tells us that He cares for each generation.  Aren’t youth centers at churches all about this?  No sophomore in high school completely plans and constructs their new center.  Adults do that, passing on Christ to those coming behind.

Lord, we thank you that you are so specific in your Word about caring for the generations as You do.  Help us to do the same.  And by standing for created LIFE, we hope to assure that there will be many more generations on and on, including those saved from death in the womb because of a pro-life prayer warrior on the sidewalk.

Topics:  Pray for wisdom to support pro-life measures to ensure as many people as are conceived will be numbered in their generation because they are not aborted.
Community leaders to lean toward pro-LIFE.   

Posted by Gail Richardson on 05/18 at 02:13 AM
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