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Psalm 126:6 (Pt. 3)  Thought/Prayer:  Precious Seed.  Topics:  2 at end.

“He that goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”  (AKJV)  (Read these scriptures and more at 

The seed that the sower carries is precious; within it is the life structure for growth.  No sower wants to waste the seed in his pouch; he reaches his hand in, gathers the seed grains, and casts them out onto the land.  Perhaps, such as in someone’s vegetable garden, the seed is scattered onto prepared rows, into a pattern prepared to receive the seed.  Or maybe in a field, the seed is thrown at random.  In the Bible we have a portrait of the sower who goes out with his seed, and it falls on different types of soil (Mark 4:1-20).

But the life, of course, is within the seed.  It’s one of life’s mysteries, how the life-growing germ in a seed knows how to grow itself into its like-kind:  an oak tree into an oak tree; a kernel of wheat into wheat; the flower of a zinnia or a marigold into zinnias, marigolds.  You don’t plant a petunia seed and expect a burr oak. 

This scripture concerns itself with grain; the germ in the wheat seed sprouts and grows, along with its sister stalks, into an entire field of those “amber waves.”  And how precious is each grain, especially in hand-scattered seeds on smaller plots of land.  Each wheat seed has the potential to produce many times its own value.  There may be 50 seeds in a head of wheat.  Reproductively, 50 potential times. 

But this scripture is about the preciousness of souls.  We are to scatter the seeds of salvation and then allow God to work His growing procedures wherever He finds fertile soil in a willing heart.  The precious LIFE in the scattered seed of salvation is like none other on Earth.  An oak tree grows big and strong from a single seed (the acorn).  But that oak will not live forever.  The seeds Christians scatter are for LIFE eternal.  They are even more precious than that of the mighty oak, and more precious than the seeds of the giant Sequoia Redwood.  Oaks and redwoods come strong; but they are not forever (although when a tree lives the length of perhaps 30 human lives, they may seem “forever.”)  (Giant redwoods may live 2,000 years.)

Lord, thank You for the marvels of nature from your hand.  Thank you that from a cone with seeds can come the magnificent redwood.  But also thank You that the seed scattered for salvation is the seed of LIFE, true life.

Topics:  Pray for Pro-LIFE workers to see the value of scattering seeds of faith – and pray that men and women in angst over LIFE’s issues may see the value of knowing Christ, from life-seeds scattered.
State governors to promote LIFE

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/30 at 02:10 AM
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