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Psalm 128:6   Thought/Prayer:  Great Hearts, Erased.  Topics:  2 at end.

“Yea, see thou thy children’s children. Peace be upon Israel.”ASV  (Read this scripture and more at

We see here that it is a privilege to see our grandchildren.  By this we mean that we live to see them born.  God sees this as positive, as something big, for rejoicing.  Young’s Literal Translation (public domain) puts it this way, with emphasis.  “And see the sons of thy sons!”  Obviously, this is a big deal to the Lord.  He’s happy for us when we live to see our grandchildren.

There are plans to do away with some would-be grandchildren.  These are the potential grandchildren who happen to also have Down Syndrome.  So very many are never allowed to be born.  A person won’t read much about this in the general news, but this information is definitely available on pro-life sites and surely must be out there in statistics in many places.  This is sad.

Our scripture says nothing about personal characteristic of the grandchildren thusly seen by grandparents.  There is nothing here to indicate that because a child may not have all of the average qualities one would expect, (intelligence-wise, physically, etc.), a grandma or grandpa should never get to see this child.  Nothing at all.  All babies are grandchildren of someone, and in scripture they are considered to “be seen” by grandparents, in a normal way if the grandparents live long enough.  But so many grandparents will have one fewer grandchildren because of the murder in the womb of babies with Down Syndrome.  Grandma and Grandpa probably had no say in this.

From experience I know that there are no “greater hearts” than folks with Down Syndrome.  My friends with this syndrome are wholehearted.  They are enthusiastic.  They are capable.  Capable of so much.  More than you or I are, in many ways, should rising above circumstances be considered. 

It would be so sad if I never even had the chance to know them on Earth.  It’s even sadder, perhaps, that I probably don’t know some of them because I don’t know they were ever conceived - because someone somewhere knows that they never exited the womb as fully developed babies.

Lord, help us to consider the value of each life, and help us to spread the word that those who will be born with Down Syndrome must be allowed to live.  Society needs them.  We need their special-ness and their courage to live life to the fullest, no matter what.  Really, Lord, help us to spread the word that these potential grandchildren, these potential citizens, are being “erased” before they even have a chance to write on their life-pages; and the rest of us are in experience diminished because of this.

Topics:  Pray that the in-womb calculated murder of those with Down Syndrome will become such a hated thing that it will stop!
Generations for Life

Posted by Gail Richardson on 09/13 at 01:48 AM
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